Bruges Citymesh takes over East Flemish Edpnet from Proximus

Bruges Citymesh takes over East Flemish Edpnet from Proximus
Bruges Citymesh takes over East Flemish Edpnet from Proximus

BRUGES – The Bruges telecom operator Citymesh has acquired internet provider Edpnet from Sint-Niklaas from Proximus. Citymesh and Proximus announced this on Monday in separate press releases. Citymesh is the company of the visionary West Flemish entrepreneur Mitch De Geest. The telecom company is embedded in the largest Romanian operator and has a license for the latest broadband technology.

Proximus acquired Edpnet in March this year for 20.5 million euros after the company encountered financial problems at the end of last year. A day later, the Belgian Competition Authority (BMA) started an investigation into possible abuse of power during the takeover.

Proximus says in the press release that it is satisfied that the takeover by Citymesh puts an end to the ongoing BMA procedures. “This allows us to put an end to the uncertainty surrounding Edpnet’s future and guarantee long-term continuity for its customers.” The appeal that Citymesh had filed against the transfer of Edpnet to Proximus in the context of the judicial reorganization procedure has also come to an end.

A smooth transition

Citymesh, for its part, is “pleased to welcome Edpnet’s team of 60 expert professionals to the Citymesh Group”. The agreement puts an end to the uncertainty about the future of Edpnet. “We are committed to maintaining Edpnet’s unique corporate culture and ensuring a smooth transition and uninterrupted service for our customers and staff.”

Edpnet has approximately 46,000 fixed internet customers and 13,500 mobile customers. The head office remains located in Sint-Niklaas.

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