Very good start to pear season with fruit merger in Belgium

Very good start to pear season with fruit merger in Belgium
Very good start to pear season with fruit merger in Belgium

Pear price at a high level. Photo VidiPhoto

The pear prices are much better than expected at the start of the season. This is evident from figures from the free market. The fruit merger in Belgium seems to play a role in this.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, prices on the open market are at an all-time high. After the merger of BelOrta and BFV, a new market leader emerged, with public price quotations. The Belgian fruit trading company makes quotations based on Belgian auction prices. For September and October, these are approximately €0.09 above the highest level in recent years. The latest quotation for November indicates € 0.91, while in 2021 the quotation of € 0.75 was the highest for the time being.

In October, the auction of BelOrta and Belgian Fruit Auction became final. The quotations show that there is no longer a price difference between the two clocks. That was still the case in previous years. This seems to silence the objections from the Netherlands at the Belgian auctions. The supply policy for the clock was particularly criticised. It would fluctuate too much at the Belgian Fruit Auction. This season, the volume for the clock is clearly lower, according to a tour. The auction prices are a reference for price quotations on other markets.

€3.85 for a kilo of pears

The fact that it is a special year is evident from the quotations on the German wholesale market. In week 39, the Italian pear Abate Fetel, at €3.35, was already about €0.35 to €0.40 cents above the highest price level of the last five years. Meanwhile, the price is €3.55 to €3.85, which is €1.35 higher than last year. In the trade, therefore, € 3.85 is paid for a kilo of pears. An unprecedented price.

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