The uBee scooter in the top 5 of ‘The Product Made in Antwerp’: “Brainchild of two true Antwerp residents”

The uBee scooter in the top 5 of ‘The Product Made in Antwerp’: “Brainchild of two true Antwerp residents”
The uBee scooter in the top 5 of ‘The Product Made in Antwerp’: “Brainchild of two true Antwerp residents”

The luggage scooter from Studio Sunstone is one of the five nominees and has a chance to win the title ‘The Product Made in Antwerp’. For the production of the scooter, manager Wouter de Beukelaer works exclusively with Antwerp companies. He is happy to tell you more about this multifunctional means of transport. You can still vote via this link until November 15.

Tell me, what kind of company is Studio Sunstone?

“Studio Sunstone is located in the center of Antwerp and is developing a luggage scooter, uBee. Studio Sunstone has an advisory board with four complementary experts.”

What should I expect from the uBee?

“uBee is a trolley that can be transformed into a luggage scooter in three seconds. The uBee has a load capacity of 25 kg and a removable bag, available in electric and non-electric versions. The scooter is handy, and you contribute to a sustainable society .”

How did you come up with the idea to launch the uBee?

“Myself and co-founder Marleen Henriksen were looking for a safe and compact solution to move us easily through the city with luggage at a time when our children were too old to be transported by cargo bike. That turned out to be a difficult search. A bicycle takes up too much space to store in the home, and a scooter does not allow you to transport luggage safely. The first seed of uBee was planted.”

Where is the uBee produced?

“From idea to product, we remain as true as possible to our label ‘created in Antwerp’. We work together with Studio Dott. in Berchem for design and engineering and Drisag in Herentals for production. Our assembly is located in Hoboken.”

Why are you so proud of this product?

“The design of uBee was already awarded the Red Dot award in 2022. The scooter links functionality to a fresh design. It offers a creative and safe solution to a growing pain point in cities. In addition, we have succeeded in creating a product that is easy to maintain and is made with high-quality and durable materials.”

Who are the main buyers of your product?

“Our target group primarily consists of residents of larger Belgian cities, such as Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels. We focus on city lovers who appreciate high-quality and sustainable design and need flexible solutions to support their lifestyle and freedom.”

Why should readers vote for you?

“This quintessential Antwerp innovative product is the brainchild of two true Antwerpians. Both in the idea phase and now in industrialization, the focus is mainly on Antwerp partners.”

Through this link you can cast your vote. You can vote until November 15.

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