Permit issued for redevelopment of Stalingradlaan

Permit issued for redevelopment of Stalingradlaan
Permit issued for redevelopment of Stalingradlaan
-- has issued an urban development permit to the city of Brussels for the reconstruction of Stalingradlaan. The avenue has been open for the metro 3 construction site for three years, but after the works it should “become a lively attraction again,” says State Secretary for Urban Planning Ans Persoons (

The avenue will look greener in the future, with four rows of trees and there will be wide sidewalks and separated cycle paths.

The central reservation disappears. Car traffic goes to the middle of the avenue on one lane and is cut through at the South Palace. It will no longer be possible to drive from Rouppeplein to South Station by car.

The plans include a new forecourt at the South Palace, with water features, benches and play areas for children. Green areas with grass and plants will be given a prominent place. “It will be a real eye-catcher at the South Palace,” says the press release.

Metro 3 yard

Stalingradlaan has currently been transformed into a wharf due to the construction of the new metro line 3. This was used to commemorate this public space between Rouppeplein and the small Brussels ring road.

“Due to the works on metro 3, a large part of Stalingradlaan was broken up. A difficult time for residents and traders. We are preparing for the future with this permit. Stalingradlaan can thus become a lively attraction again,” says Ans Persoons.

In February 2022, Persoons, then still an Alderman for Urban Planning in the city of Brussels, submitted the application for a permit.

Now, as Brussels State Secretary for Urban Planning, she can confirm that the permit has been issued and the city of Brussels can get to work on it. Much to the satisfaction of Anaïs Maes (, the new alderman for Public Space, and Mayor Philippe Close (PS).

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