Junkie mistakes man for terrorist and beats him up: “All gone. He has a bomb” | Antwerp

Junkie mistakes man for terrorist and beats him up: “All gone. He has a bomb” | Antwerp
Junkie mistakes man for terrorist and beats him up: “All gone. He has a bomb” | Antwerp

On Monday, the Public Prosecution Service demanded fifteen months in prison, possibly with a postponement of probation, and an 800 euro fine against Badr M. from Schoten. Last year, under the influence of speed, he attacked a man in an underground car park in the South of Antwerp and also shouted loudly that there was a bomb.

On November 12, 2022, Badr M. accosted the later victim in the parking lot because he wanted his mobile phone. The man refused and left the parking lot to go to the supermarket. When he returned to his car with his purchases a little later, the defendant came again to ask for his mobile phone. He said there was a bomb in the parking lot that could be detonated with a cell phone. When he did not get the mobile phone, he attacked the victim. He also shouted to others present that the victim had a bomb and activated the fire alarm to get everyone away.

Broken tooth

Several witnesses notified the police. When he arrived on the scene, the defendant was still agitated and aggressive. The victim was taken to hospital with a bloody face. The beating left him with a chipped tooth and permanent scars on his face.

Badr M. was arrested and later said during his interrogation that he had taken speed, which had given him delusions. He sought help for his addiction several times, but each time he relapsed. The defendant has already incurred several police and correctional convictions.

The court psychiatrist appointed did not diagnose him with a mental disorder. He had put himself into a psychotic state by using speed. The expert decided that he was struggling with an addiction problem that needed to be addressed urgently.

After his pre-trial detention, the defendant was given conditions that he complied with. He still receives outpatient treatment. “I have now been clean for eight months and feel like a different person. I have work and exercise a lot. I deeply regret what I did to the victim,” said Badr M. He defended himself and did not dispute the beatings and the false bomb threat. The victim filed a civil suit and is requesting compensation.

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