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Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki may first try to form a new government

Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki may first try to form a new government
Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki may first try to form a new government

The PiS, which has been ruling since 2015, remained the largest party in last month’s elections, but no longer achieved a majority. The party must look for a coalition. But all other parties ruled out working with PiS.

The Civic Coalition of opposition leader Donald Tusk, previously Polish Prime Minister and Charles Michel’s predecessor as President of the European Council, has already indicated that it wants to form a new government together with two other pro-European parties. They now have a majority in parliament. But because PiS became the largest party, it is traditionally allowed to make the first attempt. This was already announced by President Duda before the ballot box. He is officially independent in his position, but was once a member of PiS.

Duda’s decision ends the opposition’s hopes for a quick transfer of power. Liberal Tusk may have to wait until the end of December. “The president knows very well that he can only buy time. But it is a waste of time and a loss for Poland,” the ex-prime minister said.

In recent years, PiS has often been obstructive in the European context and, according to critics in Brussels, contributed to the erosion of justice in Poland. As Prime Minister, Tusk says he immediately wants to reduce tensions with the EU and ensure that more than 35 billion euros in European funds are released. That support was frozen due to European concerns about the Polish rule of law. His Civic Coalition and the two other parties hope to reach a coalition agreement on Sunday.

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