Half of the IC trains run on the first day of the strike, almost no P trains

Half of the IC trains run on the first day of the strike, almost no P trains
Half of the IC trains run on the first day of the strike, almost no P trains

During the first of two strike days on the railways, Wednesday, approximately half of the IC trains will run. The P trains that normally run during the morning and evening rush hours are almost all cancelled. NMBS reported this on Monday about the alternative timetable that it has drawn up.

The Joint Trade Union Front at the railways announced two 48-hour strikes at the end of October. The first is scheduled from Tuesday at 10 p.m., the second will follow from Tuesday evening, December 5. “Based on the staff who have indicated that they want and will work, an alternative train service will be provided for each strike day,” NMBS said on Monday.

From Tuesday morning, the alternative train service will be available in the app or via the website. The route planner will be updated on Wednesday morning for Thursday’s strike.

On Wednesday, half of the IC trains will run, and a good two in five L trains and suburban S trains will run. P trains will hardly run there. Travelers are advised to prepare their trip well, one day in advance. This can be done via the journey planner on the NMBS website or via the app. The screens in the stations and the journey planner only show the trains that are running during the strike.

‘Out of proportion’

NMBS expects that the train service will return to normal from Friday morning, November 10. NMBS, Infrabel and HR Rail say that they condemn the multi-day strike action and find it “out of proportion and irresponsible”. They also regret their impact on travelers and point out that the strikes contradict the agreements that were recently concluded, partly at the request of the unions.

After a new contract was concluded with the government at the end of last year, a social agreement with the trade unions followed in March. This agreement will be implemented in all its facets, NMBS emphasizes. The company points out that for the first time in ten years, more employees are being hired this year than are leaving the company. In addition, all files are discussed and “compromises are sought where possible,” it added.

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