Questions about payment for household waste collection (Aartselaar)

Questions about payment for household waste collection (Aartselaar)
Questions about payment for household waste collection (Aartselaar)

Household waste from bad payers will not be collected. — © ivan elegeert


Last municipal council, Glenn Anné, on behalf of Open Vld, interpellated the council of aldermen about the collection of household waste and the introduced Diftar system. This time he left aside the criticism about the system itself, but he did have questions about the settlement.

“The fee regulations set threshold and minimum amounts per container,” said Glenn Anné on behalf of the liberal opposition party. “But apparently Igean doesn’t take this into account. Some residents suddenly have a negative balance on their Diftar account. There is a chance that their household waste will no longer be collected until the advance payment has been replenished. How is it possible that they suddenly have a negative balance?”

Environmental councilor Hans Cops (Green) responded that such a drastic decision would not be taken immediately. “A period of 42 days is provided to clear the amount. During that time, residents will receive a reminder letter to put this in order.”

However, there appear to be a number of places in Aartselaar where the collectors no longer empty the containers. The alderman had requested the figures in the run-up to the municipal council. “Our municipality has 6,382 points where household waste must be collected. Apparently 171 of them are currently blocked, which is just under three percent. It is important to know that when selling a home, the debt in this regard belongs to the new owner.” (jw)

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