Seefbier in the top 5 of ‘The product Made in Antwerp’: “The Seefhoek was named after our beer”

Seefbier in the top 5 of ‘The product Made in Antwerp’: “The Seefhoek was named after our beer”
Seefbier in the top 5 of ‘The product Made in Antwerp’: “The Seefhoek was named after our beer”

Seefbier, the famous beer after which the Seefhoek district was named, is one of the five nominees and has a chance to win the title ‘The Product Made in Antwerp’. The beer is brewed in the Antwerp Brouw Compagnie. Johan Van Dyck, founder of the brewery, is very proud and is happy to tell you more about the historic beer. You can still vote via this link until November 15.

Tell me, what kind of company is the Antwerp Brouw Compagnie?

“With the Antwerp Brouw Compagnie, Antwerp has had its own independent brewery since 2011 that is owned by beer lovers. The brewery is supported by around a thousand crowdfunders. In this way, we are writing a new chapter in Antwerp’s beer and brewing history together.”

“Our new brewery contains the latest technology. We combine this with traditional brewing methods and an open brewing spirit. We also pay a lot of attention to the environmentally friendly production of our beers. From 100% green energy to heat generation from brewing vapor and maximum commitment to reusability.”

Most will know Seefbier. For those who have never heard of it, what is Seefbier?

“It is a cloudy blond beer with a spicy taste and an alcohol content of 6.5%. It is a historic beer from our forefathers that is alive again today more than ever.”

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Where is the product produced?

“Our Seefbier is brewed in the Antwerp Brouw Compagnie in the center of Antwerp, on the Eilandje.”

How did this product or idea come about?

“This piece of Antwerp heritage was previously brewed by more than 100 breweries in and around Antwerp. After the early 20ste century had disappeared, partly as a result of WWI, the beer was in danger of being lost. We found the original recipe after three years of research and brought the beer back to life.”

Why are you specifically putting this product in the spotlight?

“The beer has already received a gold medal nine times and has already been awarded at international competitions. With this, Seefbier, the beer of our Antwerp ancestors, proudly puts our city back on the beer world map.”

Who are the main buyers of your product?

“Young people and the elderly, beer lovers from Antwerp and far beyond. In the Netherlands too, they are not only crazy about our city, but also about our beer. Even in Japan you can drink Seefbier from the tap in some places. Just like in South Korea, Kazakhstan and Switzerland. You will have to search a bit, but our city’s beer is certainly there.”

Why should readers vote for you?

“You support a local team, people from your neighborhood who write a unique story together. A story of passion and perseverance, of fun and pride. A story with a shared dream and mission. Our beer once became so popular that the neighborhood Seefhoek was even named after it. Who can say that anymore?”

Through this link you can cast your vote. You can vote until November 15.

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