92% of ZNA Stuivenberg’s contents find new owners

92% of ZNA Stuivenberg’s contents find new owners
92% of ZNA Stuivenberg’s contents find new owners

The auction of the contents of the Antwerp hospital ZNA Stuivenberg is a success: more than 92 percent of the lots have found a new owner. That is much more than Hospital Network Antwerp (ZNA) hoped. Most buyers come from Belgium.

Initially, ZNA wanted to donate the entire contents of the hospital to Ukraine. However, the NGO that wanted to take on this task turned out not to be up to the task. That is why ZNA chose to give as much equipment as possible a second life through an auction. It is a matter of not immediately taking items that are still perfectly usable to the container park.

1,460 of the 1,582 tickets sold
A total of 1460 of the 1582 lots found a buyer. Most buyers come from Belgium. This includes hospitals, residential care centers, veterinarians, private practices of doctors and paramedics (such as physiotherapists) and all kinds of associations.

CEO Eddy Aerts: “The fact that more than 90 percent of the items are given a second life is good news for the environment and the wallets of many people. Many buyers were able to acquire good material for next to nothing through the auction. In addition, only a fraction has to go to the container park, which limits the waste mountain.”

122 lots – less than 8 percent – did not find a new owner. This mainly concerns office furniture and equipment that is difficult to use outside healthcare, such as bedpan washers.

Proceeds cover costs for out-of-service operations, security and cleaning of the hospital site
ZNA uses the proceeds from the auction to cover the costs of security, cleaning and decommissioning of ZNA Stuivenberg. The latter concerns, for example, the removal of the combustion installation and the disconnection of medical gases, filter installations in the operating room and electronic boards.

Collect purchases after the autumn holidays
ZNA Stuivenberg finally closed its doors on September 18, 2023 after 138 years. The auction of the contents ran from October 9 to 26. After the autumn holidays, from now on, buyers can collect their purchases by appointment.

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