There will be two car shows in Belgium in 2024


Announced a few months ago FEBIAC indicates that it is in January 2024 no car show would organize in Brussels. The organization, which represents a large number of car manufacturers in Belgium, argued that few brands were interested in participating. Especially the group D’Ieteren – accounting for almost 25% of new car sales in Belgium – would not present are, although their brands are of course one important point of attraction were for the visitors.

This opening was quickly seen as an opportunity for some other interested parties, including 402 Automotive from the Netherlands, which already organizes Dubai’s salon dedicated to tuning and vintage cars. The company has the Heysel Palaces already rented for his event, which will take place from January 17 to 24, 2024but which promises to be fundamentally different, because in addition to trucks, motorcycles and cars (but which will only be exhibited in two palaces), there will also be tuning, accessories and YouTube stars will be visible. Officially expected 402 Automotive 100,000 visitors, which is significantly less than a traditional salon. And we’re starting to worry because no list of exhibitors has been published yet…

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A second salon

Against all odds FEBIAC just announced that it will still have one in February 2024 car event will organize. Will it be a second salon? Not really, because it’s about the “Automotive eMotion Summit: Shaping Policies&Fleet Innovations”. The aim of FEBIAC is to “put the spotlight on the Belgian automotive sector”, according to the press release, but the special thing is that it only for professionals is reserved, which will undoubtedly disappoint private individuals and car enthusiasts in general.

Andreas Cremergeneral director of the federation, light this choice added: “When we made the decision not to organize the Brussels Motor Show in January 2024, our Board of Directors asked us to think about setting up an event with which we the image of the automotive sector with our most important stakeholders – customers (professionals), the media, but also political decision makers – during the first quarter of 2024.” In other words, the goal is to connect the world of automotive professionals, but also to focus on new technologies in the B2B market, such as the mobility alternatives that should be given preference within companies. So it’s not just about the car, it’s about mobility in the broadest sense of the word and the role who can play it in the society.

In Zaventem

For professionals the date is already set for Tuesday February 20 in the Skyhall of Brussels Airport for a day full of conferences, keynotes and presentations on the theme “a future-proof automotive industry”. On Wednesday February 21st fleet managers, representatives of SMEs, self-employed people and others welcome.

So there is no contradiction between the two events. That of FEBIAC will simply focus on its members and their desire to promote new mobility habits (and the next ones that will inevitably arise) among companies, so that they can be better informed and advised on the opportunities available to employees and employees in the general. After all, are commercial vehicles good for now 70% of new car sales per year. This is probably valuable for manufacturers…

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