the most dangerous trident in Belgium

the most dangerous trident in Belgium
the most dangerous trident in Belgium

Is there a more dangerous attacking trio on the Belgian fields at the moment than that of Anderlecht? Anders Dreyer, Kasper Dolberg and Thorgan Hazard form a purple-white trident that delights supporters and makes opponents shudder. The trio also unleashed its devils in Bruges. What presented itself as a difficult move to Jan Breydel turned out to be an invigorating autumn walk for Anderlecht against Cercle. “Whether this is the very best that Belgian football has to offer, I leave it to you,” Brian Riemer cleverly answered our question.

“Their enormous game intelligence is in any case the connecting factor between the three. This ensures that they see among themselves what is going to happen faster than their opponents. I have been seeing this on the training field for weeks, it is nice that it is now becoming more and more apparent during the matches.” The cheerful feet are a feast for the eyes. “At the beginning of the competition you were often critical of our level of play and that was right. But I knew well enough where I wanted to go, I knew what these guys – once attuned to each other – would be capable of. That’s why I asked for time then.”

No matter how much pressure you put on and how much intensity you play with as Miron Muslic has done so often with Cercle Brugge this season, the surplus of class will always be the deciding factor. With the caveat that Cercle was not helped by the absence of four strong players. Would it have made much difference against this Anderlecht? The qualities that Riemer has up front make every coach’s mouth water.

European Championships in Germany

Kasper Dolberg opened the debates on Jan Breydel. The Dane came to Neerpede in the summer to get his declining career back on track. Four months later he has already succeeded in that respect, with eight goals in eleven games. Dolberg is often accused of shuffling emotionlessly across the field.

But that boy can play football. He carelessly bounces, kills balls and fends off defenders who are breathing down their necks. Once in the box it is a clinical killer. Skov Olsen will soon have a target at the front for Denmark at the European Championships in Germany. Who knows, Skov might get competition from Anders Dreyer in that position. The man who scored the hat trick against OHL was once again one of the standouts against Cercle Brugge. Dreyer had a foot in the three goals.

Thorgan Hazard came over from Dortmund at the end of the transfer period.Image Photo News

And then there is Thorgan Hazard. He clocked 86 minutes for the first time since coming to Anderlecht. It is clear that the purple and white are growing along with Hazard’s rhythm. “I am very satisfied with my own performance,” Hazard said. “The collaboration with Dolberg and Dreyer is going increasingly smoothly. In a way it makes sense, because they are two class players.” While the Danish duo scores continuously, Hazard is still waiting for his first goal. “My time will come,” he laughed. “I’m not going to rush anything and I certainly won’t rush into it. I’m happy that I have a major share in their goals. We are becoming increasingly important as a trio.”

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