Already 10 million cyclists in Brussels this year: an absolute record

Already 10 million cyclists in Brussels this year: an absolute record
Already 10 million cyclists in Brussels this year: an absolute record

Brussels residents are cycling more and more. Brussels Mobility counts the number of cycling movements at eighteen locations in Brussels. It has been doing this since 2017, but 2023 is already recorded as an absolute record year. Last Friday, a cyclist or scooter passed a counting pole for the ten millionth time.

Do you commute to work in Brussels by bike on Monday? Then you are undoubtedly not alone. Cycling in Brussels is becoming more popular year after year. This is evident from figures from Brussels Mobility, which monitors the number of cycling and scooter movements via eighteen counting stations in the region.

The figures can be consulted online via open data. In 2020, Brussels Mobility counted 4.7 million bicycle or scooter movements, in 2021 there were 6.8 million and with well over 9.5 million registrations, a peak seemed to have been reached in 2022. However, that record has already been broken. Last Friday, a cyclist sped past a Brussels counting point for the 10 millionth time. (Read more below the tweet)

The busiest cycling axis in the region is still along the canal in Molenbeek. There were more than 1,465,005 bicycle movements on Sunday evening. The cycle path on the Kleine Ring also remains popular. The measuring point on Kunstlaan has already seen more than 1,264,929 cyclists or steppers pass by.

Wetstraat also remains a busy cycling axis, with currently more than 911,105 registered cyclists and steppers. With an average of 85,000 registrations per month in 2022, the counters will easily exceed one million in 2023.

Wetstraat cycle path

As a reminder, one of the four car lanes on Wetstraat was deleted in May 2020 to make way for a two-way cycle path on the southern side of the busy traffic axis. A permanent cycle path in two directions is currently being constructed over a length of 850 meters between Kunstlaan and Karel de Grotelaan. This must be ready by Monday, November 6 at the latest.

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