ALL ANTWERP: “I’m here on a cruise with my grandmother” (Antwerp)

ALL ANTWERP: “I’m here on a cruise with my grandmother” (Antwerp)
ALL ANTWERP: “I’m here on a cruise with my grandmother” (Antwerp)

Christian Habbe. — © Nattida-Jayne Kanyachalao


Every weekday our reporter and photographer pick a random passerby from the street for a nice conversation. Because everyone has a story. And certainly in Antwerp. Today: Christian Habbe (44).

“It is the first time I visit Antwerp. I am here with my wife, my in-laws and my grandmother. We are cruise tourists. We previously visited Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We will only stay in Antwerp for one day.”

“It’s not the first time we’ve taken a cruise together. Last year we visited a wine region by boat. We do this for our grandmother. She is 94 and will be 95 in January. She is still good and fit and we would like to do this with her as long as we can. We enjoy our time together. Because who knows, it may no longer be possible in a few months.”

“Grandma is currently staying on the boat for a while to get some rest. In the meantime we walk quite a bit through the city. We will immediately enter the pedestrian tunnel and afterwards we want to go to the Zoo and Central Station. We have already eaten waffles and fries will soon be on the menu. We really like it here and grandmother also thinks Antwerp is a very beautiful city.”

“But we don’t just do cruises. In November I will take the plane to Zanzibar with my wife. It’s the first time we go there. We have previously visited a number of Arab countries and we also went to the Caribbean. But we have never made a trip like the one we have planned now. I’m curious. I think it will be very nice.”

© Nattida-Jayne Kanyachalao


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