“Very exceptional”: northern lights visible in various places, even in Wijnegem (Wijnegem)

“Very exceptional”: northern lights visible in various places, even in Wijnegem (Wijnegem)
“Very exceptional”: northern lights visible in various places, even in Wijnegem (Wijnegem)

Seeing the Northern Lights: it may have been on your bucket list for a long time. Well, hurry outside, because for the first time in a long time, the spectacular weather phenomenon in our region can be seen with the naked eye. Beautiful photos are being taken throughout the country, and yes, our photographer Frank Boelens was also able to capture the phenomenon in Wijnegem.

The Northern Lights are created when solar wind particles enter Earth’s atmosphere and collide with oxygen atoms in the air. That reaction generates the special northern lights. The more particles in our atmosphere, the brighter it is visible.

Beautiful, bright photos are emerging, especially from Limburg. “This is a super rare phenomenon,” says weatherman Ruben Weytjens to our sister newspaper Het Belang Van Limburg. “The last time you could see the Northern Lights with the naked eye in Limburg was on October 30, 2003. So more than 20 years ago. It is such a rare phenomenon here because many parameters have to coincide at the same time.”

The northern lights above Neeroeteren. — © Ivan Dedrie/Facebook

But the northern lights are also visible in our region. Our photographer Frank Boelens was able to capture it in Wijnegem – although slightly less brightly.

Above Wijnegem...

Above Wijnegem… — © BFM

In Berlaar...

In Berlaar… — © Joren De Weerdt

In Bornem...

In Bornem… — © Kaat Vandenhoudt

And above Pulle.

And above Pulle. — © rr

Weatherman Weytjens has another tip for enthusiasts. “Connoisseurs should orient themselves based on the constellation of the Big Dipper,” he tells HBVL. “If you can’t do that, just look towards the north. If you have difficulty seeing the Northern Lights with the naked eye, it is best to use a camera. Set a long shutter speed or use the night mode of your smartphone to see what beautiful things are happening above our heads. Cold weather or not, I would happily stay outside for hours.”

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