Vertonghen sets off alarm bells after late substitution

Vertonghen sets off alarm bells after late substitution
Vertonghen sets off alarm bells after late substitution

Anderlecht has continued to reach great heights in recent weeks. In the last week they had already defeated OH Leuven 5-1 and defeated La Louvière in the cup with a B team, and on Sunday they also achieved a big win against Cercle Brugge. The number four in the rankings received a 0-3.

Yet there was still a small blemish on Anderlecht’s victory. Four minutes before the end, Brian Riemer brought on Jan Vertonghen and that is highly unusual – the 36-year-old record international is rarely, if ever, substituted. It turned out that the change did not come about by chance.

Vertonghen fears injury

Vertonghen explained afterwards why he left and that will set off the necessary alarm bells. “I got kicked on my bad left ankle. I hope nothing is broken,” he explained La Dernière Heure.

At the end of last season, Vertonghen also suffered from the same left ankle, so that is a sensitive area for him. In the coming days, further investigations will have to clarify whether there is any damage and how extensive it might be.

Downer for Anderlecht and the Red Devils

An injury would be a huge setback for Anderlecht, because after the departure of Hannes Delcroix there is no other left-footed central defender. In Bruges it was Moussa N’Diaye who came on and perhaps Brian Riemer should move to the center in the absence of Vertonghen Augustinsson. The only other option is to dust off Lucas Lissens.

Domenico Tedesco will also panic for a moment due to Vertonghen’s statements. The national coach will announce his selection next Friday for the upcoming international matches against Serbia and Azerbaijan and there is now a question mark behind the name of his most experienced pawn. Fortunately for the Red Devils, nothing is at stake in those matches.

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