Edegem Photo Film Club organizes successful edition of annual exhibition (Edegem)

Edegem Photo Film Club organizes successful edition of annual exhibition (Edegem)
Edegem Photo Film Club organizes successful edition of annual exhibition (Edegem)

From Friday 3 to Sunday 5 November, the Edegem Photo Film Club organized its annual photo exhibition. In a room of Fitopia, the club’s main sponsor, visitors could admire the works of thirteen photographers. A successful edition according to the board, more than 280 visitors visited on Saturday alone.

The event is not only organized to put the club in the spotlight, but also to make members even more enthusiastic about photography. “In this way, members get an extra push to do their best. The better the photos are, the faster they are chosen for the exhibition. So there is mutual competition,” explains chairman Ronny Jervis. This competition was further strengthened during the exhibition. Every visitor received a form on which he could write down his top three best works.

To each his own style

Within the Photo Film Club, each photographer works around a self-chosen theme and this was also reflected in the exhibition. From nature photography to macro images and from portraits to sunrise photos, all types of photography are covered. “That’s what makes it so interesting,” says Danny Boel, member of the club. “Because everyone is specialized in their own niche, I can learn a lot from others and apply that within my own style.”

A banner with the theme of Edegem 850 could also be found at the back of the room. “During the annual fair we always set up a pop-up in the town hall where people can have a photo taken. From this we selected 850 photos to fill this banner,” explains Jervis. Furthermore, a serene tribute to André Gabriel also stood out. “He was one of the first members of the club. Unfortunately, he passed away last year after a cycling accident. We would like to honor him with the four photos in his specific style,” said the chairman.

The banner shows 850 portraits that were made during the Edegem annual fair. — © Ilke Tobback

To learn from each other

The group meets twice a month and the evening revolves entirely around photography. Whether they review each other’s photos, a guest speaker comes along or one of the members teaches, the goal is always to learn. “Everyone is welcome, both top photographers and those who are just starting out. Of course it is exciting for beginners to submit photos, but it is only when other members can provide feedback that you can learn something from it,” Jervis adds.

In addition to the meetings, several photographers also work for the municipality of Edegem. Every month they alternately attend about fourteen events and take photos of the attendees and events on site. “This ranges from anniversaries and receptions to concerts and inaugurations,” Boel explains.

Tenth anniversary

Although the club consists of twenty-four members, not all photographers showed their works during the exhibition. “For a next edition, I hope to encourage even more members to submit photos and participate.” Another point of improvement according to the chairman are the panels on which the photos are shown. “We cannot display larger photos in a horizontal position on the current panels. That’s a shame, because a smaller image often does not represent what the photo actually looks like.”

The Photo Film Club received approximately 280 visitors on Saturday alone.

The Photo Film Club received approximately 280 visitors on Saturday alone. — © Ilke Tobback

The association will have existed for ten years in April 2024. For this occasion, Chairman Jervis wants to take a different approach. “We also want to publish an exhibition that focuses on a specific theme. We have not done that yet, but it certainly seems interesting to us.” The next edition may take place in June 2024. (it)

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