Network Top West Flemish celebrates its 30th anniversary

Network Top West Flemish celebrates its 30th anniversary
Network Top West Flemish celebrates its 30th anniversary

OOSTDUINKERKE – The network organization Top West Flemish is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The idea to regularly bring together West Flemish people who worked at a high level in Brussels around the table arose in the 1990s and proved to be a success from the start. Since then, the fascinating network has continued to expand. The weekly magazine Le Vif once described the Top West Flemish people as the most powerful network in the capital.


It was mainly Fernand David (then manager at the Brussels Hilton Hotel) and Wilfried Delanghe (then commercial manager at Coca Cola Belgium) who came up with the idea. The new and informal network was intended for every West Flemish person with a job at a level in Brussels, regardless of the sector (economy, politics, culture, socio-social). Getting to know each other better was the message, and it remains so to this day. Then Prime Minister Jean-Luc Dehaene was a fairly present member in the early years.

The West Flemish Summit still meets four times a year, sometimes in Brussels and sometimes in the province. Networking and exchanging ideas in an informal setting still leads to great added value for all members. Today, entrepreneurs make up the vast majority of the unique network. Top lawyer Dominique Blommaert is chairman, Wilfried Delanghe (photo) still the driving force.

Info: Next Friday, the Top West Flemish people will celebrate their 30th anniversary with a gala ball in the Knokke casino. The event is also open to non-members upon invitation from members. More information from Wilfried Delanghe 0477/580984.

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