Der Kleeschen freut themselves in the letter

Der Kleeschen freut themselves in the letter
Der Kleeschen freut themselves in the letter

After 5. beziehungsweise 6. This month since we have had a couple of weeks and our Heiligabend is not yet entfernt (for the Luxembourg children: fell zu weit). And yet enjoy the celebrations of the Advent season and the Christmas festivities on High Tour.

It is important to prepare yourself for your own business and gastronomy during the current time of the year: with your clothes and with your colleagues, Père Noël, you will now be able to work in the secretariat in your business with your friends from Post Luxembourg.

Auch der Kleeschen und Père Noël haben nun offiziell wieder ihr Sekretariat in Zusammenarbeit mit POST Luxembourg eingerichtet.

Were one of the two Gabenbringer (or both) may write, so please address themselves to the following address:

Kleeschen (Saint-Nicolas) / Père Noël 1, Spillstrooss L-3290 Am Himmelsland

Perfect for all Christmas cards that were issued within the Großherzogtums: the official Kleeschen-Briefmarke. Photo: POST Luxembourg

This correspondence is then more regulated, since the address of your loved ones Gabenbringers is not correct or the answer is not clear. Dies teilte das Unternehmen POST Luxembourg mit.

Weiterhin heisst es, dass man vor der Übergabe der Botschaften an Kleeschen und Père Noël den fleißigen Briefeverfasserinnen und -drukassern with a course of writing and a small Überraschung antworten. Please note that the address of the Absender in the case of the Absender in your Fall is correct, since the relevant Botschaft des Kindes also arrives in the Fall of the Addressee.

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Bereits in the experiences of having children in Luxembourg who enjoy their chances, with their clothes or with their parents, with their wishes and with their friends, with their children, with their memories and with their messages.

All the years passed by, both men and women from 1,896 onwards. It would be natural to have a great legacy, we will be in this year more than 2,000 briefs during the weekend secretariat were received.

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