Demonstration in Luxembourg City Forderung des sofortigen Waffenstillstands in Gaza


Many people are gathered together at the same time as the Philharmonic, and are present with the Committee for a Just Peace in the Orient (CPJPO) for the safekeeping of soldiers in Gaza.

Am the same day that the Committee for a Just Peace in the Orient (CPJPO) is a demonstration in the main city, which promotes the safe Waffenstillstand in Gaza. Started since the demonstrators at Kirchberg near the Philharmonic and moved in the upper city of Place Clairefontaine.

In different German cities, there are strong solidarity with the demonstration in Gaza, and a speech in separate discussions at the rally in the demonstration in Luxembourg City. There was shock about the protests against solidarity demonstrations in Germany and thanks to Luxembourg, including “a few single pro-Palestine demonstrations were banned”.

Since four weeks is the World of the Ununterbrochenen Bombardierung von Gaza. More than 9,200 people were welcomed, including 3,800 children. More than 20,000 people were lost. Millions of people flew since the beginning of the war in the area. Whoever writes the CPJPO in a press statement, prevents the decision-making power of the free movement of the attackers with regard to the quality of life, water, medicines and supplies and regular electricity, internet and telephone services. The Committee regards Gaza as “the greatest welfare of the world”, which means that there is a ruined landscape and a new Friedhof is open. The intensification of the war was not such that the future of the armed forces could be sustained, the CPJPO and the support of the CPJPO would lead to a political solution in the end with the support of the people’s rights.

In this context, the Committee for a Just Peace in Proche-Orient recommends:

  • The sofortigen Waffenstillstand and the free movement for relief and living.
  • Die Freilassung aller israelischen Geiseln und palästinensischen politischen Gefangeneen.
  • Die Aufhebung der Belagerung von Gaza und seine Wiederanbindung an den Rest des palästinensischen Territoriums.
  • The Rückzug of the Israeli Armee from the conquered Regions and the Rückgabe of the Palästinensischen Landes an die Palästinenser.
  • Die Beendigung der bedingungslosen Unterstützung Israels durch die EU.
  • Die Beschleunigung der Untersuchung von Kriegsverbrechen vor dem Internationalen Strafgerichtshof – sowohl von der Israeli Armee as well as guarding palästinensischen Gruppen committedgene Verbrechen.

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