Luxembourg After two months: Keine Gesundheitsgefahr more durch Cyanobakterien im Stausee


And the activities of the Obersauerstausees can find more leisure and sports activities. After all, you will be able to do this quickly with the help of Cyanobakterien Entwarnung. Nur Schwimmen dürfen Hartgesottene aktuell in dem Badegewässer nicht.

After a few weeks in Luxembourg, we will definitely spend our last few weeks, but first we will be prepared to take care of the präsenz von Cyanobakterien – in Volksmund or „Blaualgen“ genannt – in Obersauerstausee. Therefore, the environmental ministry and the water management department are the first to be informed, so that the situation in which the situation is normal is normal. Starting in September, we were more than happy to consider the use of toxic substances for other purposes for the Upper Sauerstausee and bad news.

Der Jahreszeitenwechsel hat aber jetzt zu eeninem starken Rückgang der Bakterien führt. After the registration of the “Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology” (LIST) was confirmed, the warning was received. I wish you the best of your life for your people, home and use. Der Kontakt, das Einatmen oder des Schlucken des schädlichen Stoffes kann nämlich für acute Magendarmprobleme und Übelkeit, Hautreizungen bis zu Verbrennungen und Schädigungen der Leber oder de Nervensystems (Krämpfe or Lähmungen) are responsible for the message.

Now it is time to be outdoors and enjoy leisure activities – as well as sporting activities, even thinking about it is possible. Aber Achtung: Wenn Hartgesottene sich jetzt auf eisbad – oder zu mindest een Runde im kühlen Nass – haben haben, müssen sie enttäuscht be. Since the Environment Ministry and the Water Management Office are within the community, then the bathing season will be completed by the end of September.

In Luxembourg, you can have a lot of peace and quiet in open water: The Obersauerstausee, the Baggerweiher in Remerschen, the See in Weiswampach and, since the Saison, the Echternacher See since the Badegewässer. This is because the quality of the water is excellent; In those days you can also bathe, because of the risk of a long-term illness or an emergency. In all other Gewässern in Luxembourg, swimming is prohibited. An overview of the water quality of the bath can be found on the website of the water business under

Starting from 1st May 2024, we are swimming in the four Badeseen in Luxembourg – we are in the Obersauerstausee, in the Baggerweiher in Remerschen, in the Weiswampacher See and since we are new to it in the Echternacher See – we are here. Although this is the case, it is possible that the time of day that you will be able to spend more time with other activities can be accomplished, and this is possible after the entwarnung.

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