VK Linden loses with a goal difference to OHR Huldenberg (Huldenberg)

VK Linden loses with a goal difference to OHR Huldenberg (Huldenberg)
VK Linden loses with a goal difference to OHR Huldenberg (Huldenberg)

First Provincial Flemish Brabant

OHR Huldenberg – VK Linden

It was OHR Huldenberg that eventually won 3-2 in the home match against VK Linden on Saturday. VK Linden had to continue with ten players after one red card.

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VK Linden took the lead when Yoran Vranckx scored in the 11th minute. A red card in the 23rd minute meant the end of the match for VK Linden’s Léon Plützer. Jonas Philips leveled OHR Huldenberg in the 25th minute. With almost half an hour to go, Art Meylemans gave OHR Huldenberg the lead. Vincent Vergauwen increased the lead for OHR Huldenberg in the 66th minute. With nine minutes left on the clock, Jean-Nobel Nineza reduced the deficit for VK Linden. But VK Linden was unable to score more.

In the last five matches, OHR Huldenberg has two wins, two draws and one loss, while VK Linden has two wins and three losses. The defeat was VK Linden’s second defeat by one goal.

OHR Huldenberg’s next match is against SC Out-Hoegaarden on Sunday, November 12 at 5:30 PM. VK Linden will play at home against KFC Eppegem on the same day at 3 p.m.

GOALS: 11′ Vranckx 0-1, 25′ Philips 1-1, 61′ Meylemans 2-1, 66′ Vergauwen 3-1, 81′ Nineza 3-2.

YELLOW CARDS: 24′ Mertens (VK Linden), 45′ Joachum (OHR Huldenberg), 60′ Van Loock (VK Linden), 66′ Masala Eloko (VK Linden), 79′ Peeters (OHR Huldenberg), 90′ Vranckx (VK Linden).

RED CARD: 23′ Plützer (VK Linden).

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