Theo (12): ‘Later I want to become a Lego engineer and design my own sets’

Theo (12): ‘Later I want to become a Lego engineer and design my own sets’
Theo (12): ‘Later I want to become a Lego engineer and design my own sets’

Every week BRUZZ visits a child in Brussels in his or her bedroom. This week it is with Theo (12) from Uccle. Theo’s room immediately betrays his dream: making a career at Lego. “When I look at a building, I immediately know which blocks it is constructed with.”

Wow, you have a huge Lego collection.
I used to have almost no toys, I didn’t like them. That’s why mom took me to a local toy store a few years ago, looking for something I would like. That’s where I bought my very first Lego set, a white spaceship. Since then I basically play with it all the time.

What do you like most, building or playing?
Building, I think. In the meantime I have become quite good at it, that big white boat over there (points) took me about two hours. I even hope to be able to make it my job later, because I want to become a Lego engineer.

What does a Lego engineer do?
Developing the right boxes, making drawings with 3D apps and converting them into sets… But I think that app should also be a bit of your head. When I look at a building, I immediately know which blocks it is constructed with. Of course I still have a lot to learn. After high school I want to study engineering in Denmark, because that’s where Lego’s headquarters are.

You know what you want.
Yes, I am also sure that those studies will suit me. I like to draw and my favorite subjects are integrated science and mathematics. All things that are important to become an engineer.

What is integrated science?
A science subject like physics, biology and chemistry, but together. I go to the European school in Ixelles, so our subjects are sometimes a bit different from those at a regular school.

Are there any more differences?
Sometimes we have lessons in English, but the biggest difference, I think, is the food. That is so nice! There are approximately three thousand students at our school and the chefs make fresh meals for everyone every day. Even the bread is homemade and we also get dessert

You were raised bilingual.
Yes. My father is French-speaking, and I speak Dutch with my mother.

How is that?
Sometimes a bit complicated. I get math lessons in Dutch, but when Dad helps me with homework we speak French. In my head I calculate everything in one language, but I have to translate the solution, which sometimes takes a little longer or causes me to make mistakes. But there are also many advantages: I am strong during French lessons and in Brussels it is useful to be bilingual anyway.

I see posters of Hazard, Lukaku, De Bruyne… Are you a fan?
Yes, especially from De Bruyne. He doesn’t just think about winning, he just enjoys playing football. You won’t easily see him dribbling across the field to score a goal on his own, he is a team player.

Are you too?
I try that. Working together in a team sport is important, because you learn a lot from each other. I play football at FC Moreda in Uccle and, for example, I was not very good at dribbling. My friend, who is an attacker, was very good at it and gave me a few tips. Now it works much better. If we play matches with a strong team, I certainly don’t mind passing the ball. But if I notice that I am the best player on the field, I dare to go for it.

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