Board of Attorneys General not set up to criticize magistrate after attack

Board of Attorneys General not set up to criticize magistrate after attack
Board of Attorneys General not set up to criticize magistrate after attack

The College of Attorneys General has written a letter to Minister of Justice Paul Van Tigchelt (Open VLD) in which it denounces the “incessant attacks” against the Brussels magistrate who ignored the extradition request for the perpetrator of the terrorist attack in Brussels. That writes La Libre Belgique Friday. Psychologist and leadership coach Liesbet Boone points out the disastrous consequences of such an approach for the atmosphere and trust within the public prosecutor’s office.

In concrete terms, the Board of Attorneys General complains in the letter dated October 30 that Van Tigchelt’s predecessor, Vincent Van Quickenborne, pointed out an “individual, monumental and unacceptable mistake with dramatic consequences” at the press conference in which he announced his resignation. by an “individual magistrate”. According to the Board, these statements set the tone for “targeted and continuous attacks on a magistrate from the Brussels public prosecutor’s office, whose photo and identity have even been published.”

Van Tigchelt is accused of not having toned down these “ad hominem attacks” when he was questioned in Parliament on October 25. The minister contradicted, among other things, that the oblivion was the result of a lack of resources and staff at the Brussels public prosecutor’s office. In any case, the allegations have caused “great concern” among magistrates and staff, according to the College of Attorneys General.

Finger pointing

On social media, doctor of psychology and leadership coach Liesbet Boone was surprised by Van Quickenborne’s approach. “There is no consideration of how this could have happened: the focus is on shaming and blaming. Would the Minister have wondered what impact this finger-pointing has on how safe magistrates now feel? I would feel unsupported, disappointed and afraid of the to be the next to be pointed out not to have to look at themselves or their own system.”

Luc Hennart, former president of the French-speaking court of first instance, previously testified to BRUZZ about the difficult atmosphere at the Brussels public prosecutor’s office. In addition to the “disastrous situation with masses of work” that you find yourself in as a new magistrate, he believes that this is what made it so difficult to find staff in the past. The question is therefore how quickly Van Tigchelt will fill the 26 recently published vacancies for deputy king’s attorneys and public prosecutors.

The Board now asks Minister Van Tigchelt to explicitly express his confidence in the Public Prosecution Service. The minister expressed his support in a response and emphasized that “our employees must be better supported in their work, including through better control systems.”

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