Which insurance covers storm damage in your garden? And at what wind speed does it intervene? | Storm

Which insurance covers storm damage in your garden? And at what wind speed does it intervene? | Storm
Which insurance covers storm damage in your garden? And at what wind speed does it intervene? | Storm

IndependentIn Flanders (and large parts of Europe) it may rain heavily and blow heavily tomorrow. But what if such a storm rages through your garden and over your terrace? How well are you protected by your insurance? Independer.be provides text and explanation.

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Storm damage and natural disasters

A natural disaster is an unexpected event caused by natural forces, often resulting in extensive damage. In our country this mainly concerns storms and floods.

In fire insurance, the guarantee for damage as a result of a natural disaster is legally required. This guarantee usually applies to damage to your home and your contents (if you have taken out additional contents insurance).

Storm damage to your home or that of your neighbors, due to an oversight on your part? Read here what steps you need to take.

The general terms and conditions of your fire insurance determine at what wind speeds storm damage is reimbursed. Legally speaking, a storm exceeds a wind force of 100 kilometers per hour. However, some insurers already speak of a storm with a wind force of 80 kilometers per hour, and therefore provide the necessary cover.

To be sure, check the small print of your insurance contract. This literally states at what strength of storm wind the insurance will intervene. Hail damage is usually covered regardless of the wind force.

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What is (not) insured?

Veranda with flowers
Most insurers cover you against all hazards that cause glass breakage. Suppose the glass on your veranda breaks down: both the replacement of the glass and the consequential damage (due to the glass falling) will then be reimbursed by the insurer.

Vegetable garden greenhouse
A conservatory is usually regarded as a construction separate from your home, and is therefore not included as standard in every fire insurance policy. Some insurers, on the other hand, do reimburse the damage caused by a storm to the vegetable garden conservatory, garden house or carport. If this is the case, it will be explicitly stated in the general terms and conditions of your policy.

Planting in the garden
This is not covered by most insurers, because flowers, shrubs and other plants are not an essential part of your home.

Garden tools
Your garden tools are insured if they are stored indoors, for example in your garden house or conservatory, and if they are also insured by your home insurance. Do you also want to insure your garden furniture and outdoor decorations such as expensive flower pots? Please contact your insurer to see whether you need to take out additional insurance for this.

Do you have the most suitable fire insurance for tenants? Compare various insurers and choose a policy that suits you via Independer.be.

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