Antwerp restaurant flooded by negative reviews after ‘Reuzegom video’ by Acid, lawyer files complaint against YouTuber (Antwerp)

Antwerp restaurant flooded by negative reviews after ‘Reuzegom video’ by Acid, lawyer files complaint against YouTuber (Antwerp)
Antwerp restaurant flooded by negative reviews after ‘Reuzegom video’ by Acid, lawyer files complaint against YouTuber (Antwerp)

“We go people exhibit!” With that slogan, YouTuber Acid (real name Nathan Vandergunst) put a video online on Wednesday afternoon in which he shares the names and photos of some Reuzegommers. He finds the community service and fines for those convicted in the Sanda Dia case insufficient. With the video he wanted to “cancel” them.

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With 527,000 subscribers, Vandergunst is one of the most popular faces among Flemish and Dutch youth on YouTube. He has been sharing videos under the pseudonym “Acid” for years. Often about gaming, sometimes about things that attract his attention in society. Everything he sends out into the world is heavily commented on by teenagers. In 2021 he still participated The smartest person.

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On Wednesday afternoon, Acid shared his “top 5 Reuzegommers” with his half a million followers. In the end he only mentioned four, including two of the leading figures during the fatal baptism: Zaadje and Janker. Their parents’ professions are also cited in his “playful” swearing video. Acid then also brings in two Giant Gommers – Elio and Uno – who have nothing to do with baptism at all.

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In barely an hour, the twelve-minute video was viewed more than 25,000 times. A new “high point” in the digital witch hunt on the convicted Reuzegommers. YouTube removed the video on Wednesday evening “for violating its policy on harassing and offensive content”. And his Acid 2 account has also been temporarily suspended. “Our policy prohibits content that targets an individual with long-standing or malicious insults based on certain characteristics.” Acid received a warning for this. For now, he can no longer publish new videos or live streams.

By then many thousands of people had already seen the names of the Reuzegommers. There are also ‘re-uploads’ circulating on the website by other users, with some videos already garnering more than 2,000 views in just a few hours. The same policy applies to channels that also upload the video.

(Parts of) the video are also circulating on Tiktok and Twitter. A number of Reuzegommers’ names were also written in the form of graffiti on the Ghent city hall. That text has since been removed.

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At least one Antwerp restaurant says it has suffered damage from the call. The owners’ son was a member of Reuzegom, but was not present at the baptism, nor was he prosecuted. Yet the restaurant was mentioned by an anonymous Instagram channel, and in Acid’s video. Since then, the restaurant has been getting negative online reviews, fake reservations, and anonymous phone calls. The online reservation system has therefore been temporarily stopped.

Their lawyer, Wim De Colvenaer, has already sent a notice of default to Acid. “My clients have worked hard for their restaurant for 25 years and always received positive reviews, until last week,” says their lawyer. “Those people are completely in sackcloth and ashes and are even considering temporarily closing their business.”

Slander and defamation

The lawyers of the Reuzegommers involved watched the video with astonishment on Wednesday evening. The fact that Acid names people by name who were not involved in the baptism at all tends to slander and defamation according to some. There may also be “doxing”, the online publication of someone’s personal data, and cyber-harassment.

Walter Damen, lawyer of a convicted Reuzegommer, also responded VRT NWS late on the case. “The central question is: which society do we want to end up in,” he said. “People who are not present in the courtroom, who have not followed the process, who have not been there for days, who have not tasted the emotion or seen the statement? They then want to play judge afterwards and shout that it is an unjust verdict.”

John Maes, another lawyer for one of the Reuzegommers, denounces Acid as someone who “pretends to be a digital white knight, who is really just out for money”.

“Two weights and measures”

Vandergunst has since responded via Instagram. “When law is no longer synonymous with justice, citizens have the right to know who their future politicians, judges or dentists will be.” He does not think he is going too far and points to what the media wrote earlier. “It has generated sensation and clicks – and therefore money”, he sneered The newspapaer. “When I supplement the story with the entire system behind Reuzegom, it suddenly goes too far. Two measures, two weights.”

Silent vigil in Ghent

The verdict in this lawsuit continues to stir the mood. On Wednesday evening there was a silent vigil in Ghent, which mayor Mathias De Clercq (Open Vld) was also present. Earlier there was a manifestation in Leuven. With signs such as “Justice for Sanda” and “F*ck class justice”, those present showed their dissatisfaction with the judgment in the Sanda Dia case. The fact that the Reuzegommers get off with fines and community service is much too lenient in the eyes of those present. Similar meetings will be held in several cities in the coming days.

Sven Mary, the lawyer of Sanda Dia’s brother and father, emphasizes that he is not calling for a protest against the verdict. A message with Mary’s photo is circulating on social media to that effect. However, the message is fake. Mary herself does not comment on the usefulness of protest marches. “Everyone is free in that.” He says he has to comply with the rules of the rule of law.

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