Linda Mertens of Milk Inc. steps back on stage in Spain after five years

Linda Mertens of Milk Inc. steps back on stage in Spain after five years
Linda Mertens of Milk Inc. steps back on stage in Spain after five years

After the loss of her daughter in 2017, Linda Mertens, the singer of Milk Inc., withdrew from the spotlight. Two years ago, her former partner in crime Regi Penxten said she wasn’t ready for a comeback yet. But now she seems to be taking the first steps cautiously. On November 12 she is on the bill of Yesterday 14, a day festival in Spain.

Benjamin Praet and Wout Desmytere

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Milk Inc., where Mertens was active as a singer from 2000, was not only successful in Belgium. Their music also did well in Spain, where they were at number 1 at least three times. Certainly not because the event Yesterday 14 in Bigastro revolves entirely around dance and electronica.

On November 12, Linda Mertens will be on the podium for the first time in a long time, either in Spain.

Five years ago, Lio, Mertens’ then two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, passed away. In 2015, she was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, after which the singer decided to phase out all her projects. “Her mindset hasn’t changed yet,” Regi said in 2019. “She says: let me think some more. I don’t hear her very often either, I don’t know what she does exactly, but we are on standby.”

New plans with Milk Inc. are not there yet, says TTT Artists, the office that took care of their bookings at the time. “I myself don’t know the finer points of Linda’s podium plans,” says managing director Bernard Van Schoorisse. “All I know is that she’s good friends with Jessy (De Smet, who became known as a singer with the dance group The Mackenzie, ed.), which is also the poster of that festival. Jessy asked her if she didn’t want some kind of guest appearance to make. I heard that they would also be at an event in Ireland, but that’s all for the time being.”

Linda Mertens herself does not respond, but her lawyer Walter Damen does. According to him, there is no talk of a comeback at all. “The idea sometimes crosses her mind, but at the moment that is not the case, given a number of things that still have to be processed. Ms Mertens does not rule out a comeback in the future, but the poster and announcement consulted are still too premature and not certain.”

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