Police invade beauty school Lesley-Ann Poppe: “Completely absurd situation” | Instagram VTM NEWS

Police invade beauty school Lesley-Ann Poppe: “Completely absurd situation” | Instagram VTM NEWS
Police invade beauty school Lesley-Ann Poppe: “Completely absurd situation” | Instagram VTM NEWS

BVDetectives invaded the beauty school of Lesley-Ann Poppe (43) and her husband Kevin Lebreton (34) last weekend. Classes would be given for medical procedures that should only be done by a doctor. Lesley-Ann Poppe confirmed to this newspaper that an investigation is underway. “But they have completely missed the ball,” it sounds.

On Sunday, a search took place in the Antwerp branch of the Beauty & Medical Academy of Lesley-Ann Poppe and her husband Kevin Lebreton. “The search is part of a judicial investigation into various infringements of the legislation regarding the practice of medicine, nursing and the paramedical professions,” confirms Kristof Aerts, spokesperson for the Antwerp public prosecutor’s office. Reportedly, a complaint was filed because the beauty school would have courses and actions that should only be performed by a doctor, such as microneedling, injections and laser treatments. Teaching materials are also sold for this. “Dermapens (for microneedling, ed.) were confiscated. Just like a computer, some covers and course materials. The person responsible will also be questioned later.”

“Completely absurd situation”

Kevin Lebreton, Poppe’s husband and co-manager of the Beauty & Medical Academy – which also has branches in Ghent and Hasselt – reacts firmly: “I am looking forward to being interrogated and telling my side of the story. The ball was completely wrong in this investigation and serious mistakes were made”, he tells ‘Gazet van Antwerpen’. “We always do our best to teach our customers the latest beauty techniques, within the existing legal framework. We stand up for ourselves and fully cooperate with the research, we count on a good outcome”, says Lebreton – who also points out that similar lessons are given at other institutes, such as Syntra West Flanders. “They do that with tax money. It is a complete mystery to me why we are being targeted.”

Lesley-Ann Poppe said: “They have completely missed the mark, and the investigation will show it. Other than that, I don’t have much to say about it; it is a completely absurd situation.”


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