Jan Verheyen and Lien Willaert film Nicci French thriller

Jan Verheyen and Lien Willaert film Nicci French thriller
Jan Verheyen and Lien Willaert film Nicci French thriller

The Memory Game is an adaptation of the book The Memory Game, of which more than 350,000 copies have been sold in Flanders and the Netherlands. The Memory Game is the first cinema film after a bestseller by the writer duo Nicci Gerrard and Sean French and will be the twentieth film by Jan Verheyen.

The film tells the story of the Deridder family, in whose garden the remains of Nathalie are found, the 16-year-old daughter of the family who disappeared without a trace twenty-five years earlier. The gruesome find puts an end to years of uncertainty, but also reveals a long-hidden crime.

Including Louis Talpe (The Racer, Under fire), Gert Winckelmans (Lisa, Undercover), Vic De Wachter (Feeling for tumor), Gilda De Bal (The unhappiness of things), Lynn Van Royen (Beau Sejour, Under Fire, The Twelve) and Peter Thyssen (The sons of Van As) play the Flemish leading roles in this whodunit.

The Dutch leading roles are reserved for Anna Drijver (Undercover), Maarten Heijmans (Emmy winner for Ramses), Martijn Hillenius (Cops Maastricht) and Meral Polat (The lice mother). Also Marilou Mermans and young violence Ella van Remortel, Willem Herbots (Ritual), Zion Luts (bittersweet sixteen), Helder Onkelinx and Maïmouna Badjie will be featured in the film.

The recordings start this week in Valkenburg in the Netherlands. If everything goes according to plan, the film will hit theaters in mid-2023.

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