Ingeborg shows up in ‘Blindly married’, and that’s not the only novelty

Ingeborg shows up in ‘Blindly married’, and that’s not the only novelty
Ingeborg shows up in ‘Blindly married’, and that’s not the only novelty

Two weddings on show tonight

Ingeborg. — © VTM

Season seven again. The fact that the participants are going to marry a complete stranger is of course the main ingredient of the series. Yet the program makers take a different tack here and there.

All participants share the same dream: to be matched to their ideal partner through science. This time they will all embark on that great adventure together. They share the tension in the run-up to the wedding and take the big leap together. The four couples get married on the same day in four different locations; the party afterwards they do together at one big wedding. And they also go on honeymoon together, in the same resort.

Infamous version

The latter in particular raises eyebrows. Because going on holiday together is also what one does in the infamous Australian version of Blindly married. And that ensures Married at first sight – can be seen with us on VTM 2 – soon for heated quarrels, emotions and backbiting. It even happened that one participant ran off with another’s bride. VTM emphasizes that it is not the intention to go on the same tour.

In addition to the trusted experts, the always positive Ingeborg also appears this season. If big believer in life and love she supports the couples and acts as master of ceremonies at the wedding party. She follows the wedding from the front row, and will also meet the couples at a later stage.

Eight participants were matched from more than 4,000 registrations. For the first two couples, the love affair starts on Monday.

Blind married, VTM, 8.35 pm

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