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TVChoosing is losing, but that will be a fact for TV-watching Flanders tonight. The major Flemish channels are all rolling out their big guns for the real start of the autumn. With perfect feel-good programs – including Ingeborg – on VTM and Een and with Gert Verhulst and Erik Van Looy as the big faces for PLAY4. One winner is already known: the phenomenon of delayed viewing.

VTM: Ingeborg as master of ceremonies in ‘Blind Married’

Blind Married © VTM

For the seventh time, VTM is allowing prospective marriages who have never met each other before to marry each other. With the just announced divorce of Candice & Marijn, the previous sixth season may be the least successful of the series, but the formula is certainly not worn out. On the contrary. The makers of ‘Blind Ge Trouwd’ adjusted the formula in the interim season, so that there are even more feel-good moments and better guidance for the four selected couples. For the first time, the candidates, with another match between two men, marry on the same day. A gigantic wedding party is organized at one location, after which the four couples leave for their honeymoon together.

Another novelty: in addition to the well-known experts Sarah Mertens, Filip Geelen and Wim Slabbinck, Ingeborg appears for the first time ever. As a great ‘believer’ in life and love, she will support the couples and act as master of ceremonies at the wedding party. And she is very enthusiastic about that. “My role is to sit in the front row, and I will meet the couples at a later stage.”

Who has been matched with whom, of course, remains a well-kept secret. Although we can report that two marriages are already being concluded in the first episode. And that a total of three men and one woman are involved.

Immediately after ‘Blind Married’ you can watch the special live program on VTM tonight ‘The Big Money Debate‘. Stef Wauters and Birgit Herteleer will talk to top politicians and experts, and provide concrete answers to your questions about energy and your bill. You can participate via the HLN app. If you vote, you have a chance to win a year of free shopping.

PLAY4: Gert Verhulst asks what is really going on

The table of four © SBS

He has waved goodbye to his regular buddy James Cooke and has taken up residence solo in the Antwerp Zuiderkroon. There he will launch his new talk show ‘De Tafel van Vier’ on Monday evening, each with four guests who take a topic to the studio from their role or link with current events. The Studio 100 boss is thus making his big TV dream come true and wants to ‘ask the sharp questions that others often want to but do not dare to ask’.

By placing ‘De Tafel van Vier’ directly opposite ‘Home’ and ‘Family’, PLAY4 and Gert are taking a pretty big risk. The channel already tried it in 2012 with ‘De Kruitfabriek’, which was canceled early due to disappointing viewing figures and substandard advertising revenue. “It is quite a challenge and it will certainly take time, I am very aware of that,” admits Gert readily. Program director Annick Bongers has already promised him that time.

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Who is the ‘Smartest Human’?

The early broadcasting time of the anniversary edition ‘De Allerslimste Mens ter Wereld’ (every evening at 9 p.m.) is also a risky intervention by PLAY4. Erik Van Looy is directly opposed to programs such as ‘Down the Road’, ‘Blind Married’, but later in the week also opposite ‘Over Eten’, ‘De Schaal van Pascal’ and ‘Beste Viewers’. However, PLAY4 is convinced that delayed viewing will effortlessly give the program a top score.

The opening episode is populated by the trio Jeroom, Jonas Geirnaert and record holder Ella Leyers. James Cooke and Elodie Ouedraogo have to take care of the jokes and pranks.

One: the warm feeling of ‘Down the Road’

Down the Road
Down the Road © © VRT

Dieter Coppens and co-supervisor Saar left for Thailand last Monday with six young people with Down syndrome. Immediately good for just under a million viewers. Tonight Dieter has planned a bike ride in nature, but Ellen’s bike soon breaks down. The group will also climb a waterfall: a wonderfully refreshing activity for one, a difficult task for the other. And then Thai nightlife awaits.

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