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Candice from ‘Blind Married’ reacts after news of divorce: “We are going through a difficult moment”

Candice and Marijn from ‘Blind Marijn’ have decided to split up after two years of marriage. They will continue “as friends”, they said on Instagram. That announcement caused a lot of support messages, to which Candice wanted to respond with a video on Instagram.

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“I’m recording this especially for you. I want to thank you very much for the very sweet messages you have all sent me and for the super sweet comments. We are going through a difficult moment and then it is very nice to get such sweet comments from you,” she says via an Instagram story.

Four days ago, the couple announced via a message on Instagram that they were breaking up. “We were happy that we had taken the step to live together, but at the same time noticed that there were challenges. We had more difficult moments and bumped into the fact that we had other plans for the future,” they wrote with a photo of the two.

“Today’s message may seem new or sudden to you. However, we would like to inform you that we have not taken this lightly. We worked hard on our challenges as a couple and tried different things to strengthen our relationship. We have always kept talking to each other and have also had many genuinely nice moments such as our last trip to Malaga. Yet we have to admit that we continued to doubt as a couple. After two years we had the feeling that we had to make a final choice, which we did. We want to thank everyone who has supported us in this beautiful journey: our family, friends, and you too.”

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