‘Family’ actor Maarten Cop presents his first VTM program: “Did you know that Laura Tesoro can be quite ‘hangry’?” | TV

TVHe is no stranger to the viewers of ‘Family’, but the rest of the VTM audience will meet Maarten Cop (22) tonight. In ‘The Hunting Season’, the young actor makes his debut as a presenter, thanks to ‘Hoodie’ in more than 70 countries. “I say: grab everything and go!”

In ‘Family’ he has been playing IT student Jelle Van den Bossche for a little over a year now and Maarten Cop was previously seen in the online series ‘WTFock’ and ‘Hoodie’, but tonight the young actor will experience his debut as himself. In the new ‘The hunting season’, he and Laura Tesoro (26) and Jamie Lee Six (24) do everything they can to grab BV duos by the guts. Tag for advanced, so to speak.

“It is true that we have to tap the fleeing BVs at the end, but it goes just a little further than that”, Maarten laughs. “Together with Laura and Jamie-Lee, we receive the location of ‘the bandits’ in a van every ten minutes. The hunt is then open, unless they press their ‘offline button’ and we don’t get any information for ten minutes. Very exciting at such a moment, but it’s fantastic to do this with Laura and Jamie-Lee. I didn’t really know them beforehand, but we really became friends. That’s how I learned that Laura can be quite ‘hangry’ when she’s hungry, and that Jamie-Lee literally never stops talking in real life (laughs).”

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Maarten Cop in ‘The Hunting Season’. © VTM

Life changing

‘The hunting season’ is the first presentation job for the young Antwerp resident, because Cop is actually an actor. He attended art secondary education in Antwerp, but already during secondary school he was cast in the award-winning youth series ‘WTFock’. He played his first leading role in the Ketnet series ‘Hoodie’, which has since been sold to Amazon Prime and can be seen in more than 70 countries. A dream that came true, because he combined his greatest hobby there parkour (a French sport where you move forward as stylistically as possible in an urban environment) with his passion for acting.

“At the moment, parkour has faded into the background because of the crowds, but that was indeed the ultimate,” says Maarten Cop. “Not to be underestimated either, sometimes you were completely exhausted by the sport and you had to shoot ten more scenes after that.” Life changing that series was in any case for the young twenties, because in addition to his breakthrough, it also earned him a girlfriend. Stefanie (26) appeared in the series in which he played the lead. An invitation for a drink after the filming led to a relationship that has now lasted three years.

Problems with the bottle

Maarten Cop is no longer unknown to a young audience, but the general public got to know him last fall as the shy, sucker-in-love student Jelle in ‘Family’. “I notice the difference in viewing figures,” says Maarten. “I stay away from online reactions, but I am approached much more often on the street. “Are you drinking again, yes?” they say. (laughs) Jelle had quite a few problems with the bottle last season. (winks)”

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Maarten Cop as Jelle in ‘Family’. © VTM

Finally, where does he see his blitz career evolving? “My great passion remains acting, but at the moment I am mainly discovering what I like to do. I am very happy with the opportunities that I get and I let them pass by on the assembly line. I say: grab everything and go! (laughs)”

‘The hunting season’, Thursday at 8.35 pm on VTM.



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