CALL. Are you still friends with your ex? | Nina

CALL. Are you still friends with your ex? | Nina
CALL. Are you still friends with your ex? | Nina

Divorce is always a bit of suffering. Especially when children are involved. But especially then it is important that you as a couple still fit through one door. NINA is looking for exes with children who are still friends. What’s your secret?

Throwing mud at each other, never talking to the other person again and avoiding your ex at every opportunity: it is mainly those negative stories that we hear about couples breaking up. It can also be done differently. To prove this, we are looking for inspiring couples with children who want to testify about their current bond.

Why is it important for you to remain friends? How do the children deal with the breakup? And what if new partners appear on the scene? We would like to hear your story to show others that a breakup does not always have to be negative.

Send a short description to [email protected] and also include your telephone number, so that we can reach you without obligation. We will write down your story respectfully (but with your full name) and portray you with a beautiful photo.

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