You shouldn’t miss this on TV tonight

You shouldn’t miss this on TV tonight
You shouldn’t miss this on TV tonight

The dream factory

Show program. Live program in which Bart Peeters and Gloria Monserez fulfill the most diverse dreams. With numerous encounters and reports that are full of emotion, positivity and amazement. Because behind all dreams there is often a small, sometimes a big, but always an imaginative story that is worth telling. Bart and Gloria receive the help of an enthusiastic Maaike Cafmeyer every week: she will realize calls from viewers in her inimitable way that require the help of the whole of Flanders.

Preview at 7.45 pm on VRT 1, program at 8.40 pm.

Casino Royale

Movie. Secret agent James Bond is at the start of his career at MI6. His first assignment leads him to Le Chiffre, the banker of international terrorists. To stop Le Chiffre, 007 must defeat him during a poker tournament at the famous Casino Royale. The British Ministry of Finance sends an employee to monitor the use of the game and the government money. Bond is only moderately enthusiastic at first, but that changes when he meets the ravishing Vesper Lynd. Together with Vesper, he does everything he can to deal with Le Chiffre and his accomplices.

At 9.40 pm on VTM.


Movie. Dom Cobb is an extractor. He steals valuable secrets from people’s subconscious when their brain is in a vulnerable dream state. His skills have made him a sought-after corporate spy, but have also cost him heavy personal losses. A new client gives him the opportunity to start with a clean slate, but first he must accomplish the impossible – the exact opposite of what he has been doing so far: implanting an idea in someone’s brain.

At 8:20 PM on Play6.

Leave the World Behind

Sandra Bullock had success on Netflix in 2018 with the apocalyptic ‘Bird Box’, now colleague Julia Roberts is also taking her chance with a film about the end of the world. In ‘Leave the World Behind’, Amanda and her family spend a weekend in a luxurious villa, but they don’t get much quality time. First the TV goes out, then there is a herd of deer in the garden and then the owners come home with the news that society is on the verge of collapse due to a cyber attack. A mysterious thriller that will probably receive more praise than ‘Bird Box’ at the time. ‘Leave the World Behind’ is based on the acclaimed book by Rumaan Alam and is directed by Sam Esmail, the man behind the strong series ‘Mr. Robot’. He previously collaborated with Roberts on the equally excellent ‘Homecoming’.

On Netflix.

I Think You Should Leave

Tim Robinson continues to build on his unique, incomparable universe with the third season of the absurd sketch show I Think You Should Leave. Stand up for the hilarious parody Love Island and other dating shows, stay tuned for the characters who, amid all the madness, also radiate immense sadness.

On Netflix.

White House Plumbers

Yes Minister, Veep, The Thick of It, Years and YearsYes, even The 16: we don’t easily say no to good political satire. So it was something to look forward to White House Plumbers a five-part miniseries about the two ‘plumbers’, played by Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux, who had to do everything in their power to ensure the re-election of Richard Nixon. Their duties also included a burglary of the Democratic Party office. We all know how that ended thanks to the Watergate scandal. Director is David Mandel, who directed the last three seasons of Veep produced and co-wrote Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. So that should end better than that infamous burglary.

On Streamz.

Somebody Somewhere

No big stars, no evocative synopsis, no spectacular scenes. And yet, the first season of Somebody Somewhere was among the best of what we saw last year. A small but very nice series about some loners and outsiders who live in a town somewhere in the middle of the United States. Among all those colorful characters you have Sam, played by Bridget Everett, who also wrote this series. Troubled by the past, she finds a place and herself again. It produces wonderful tranches de vie, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, always wonderfully beautiful. The second season continues on the chosen path, with again seven relatively short episodes.

On Streamz.

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