“Meghan Markle has nothing to do with it”: Real reason behind feud between brothers William and Harry revealed? | Royalty

“Meghan Markle has nothing to do with it”: Real reason behind feud between brothers William and Harry revealed? | Royalty
“Meghan Markle has nothing to do with it”: Real reason behind feud between brothers William and Harry revealed? | Royalty

RoyaltyThey were once incredibly close to each other, but the relationship between Princes William (41) and Harry (39) has seriously cooled in recent years. It was always thought that Meghan Markle (42) was the reason for the discussion, but now sources tell ‘The Times’ that it was not Meghan, but a different view on something close to their hearts that started their years-long feud .

No intrigue surrounding Meghan Markle, but a discussion about… nature conservation projects. According to palace sources, that would have been the start of the years of icy relationship between Harry and William. This incident happened before Harry met his wife Meghan Markle. So writes ‘The Times’. Both princes have initiatives regarding the conservation of animal species and nature in Africa that they participate in and the brothers clashed over the best approach for the local population. A discussion that got deep under their skin, because it would have been the starting signal for their soured relationship. Last week it emerged that African Parks, the charity in Congo of which Prince Harry is a board member, is accused of rape and torture by its guards. The Duke of Sussex was called upon to resign from the organisation.

Delivered email

Yet it is Harry and Meghan’s relationship that ultimately caused the final break. Historian Robert Lacey previously claimed this. Not long after Harry and Meghan’s wedding, stories about bullying of the new duchess began to circulate. Jason Knauf, communications secretary to William and Harry, sent an official email about Meghan’s behavior in October 2018 to Simon Case, William’s private secretary, among others. It said: “I am very concerned that the Duchess has managed to bully away two assistants in the past year.” He called the way she treated her employees ‘totally unacceptable’.

Prince William was informed of the email via Case. The content reportedly infuriated him because he personally knew the staff members in question. He then picked up his phone to call Harry. “When Harry burst into an angry defense of his wife, the older brother persisted. Harry then angrily hung up the phone, after which William went to him personally. The prince was stunned by what he had just learned about Meghan’s alleged behavior, and he wanted to hear what Harry had to say about it. The confrontation between the brothers was fierce and bitter.” Afterwards, William is said to have taken steps to permanently sever ties with Harry and Meghan.


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