Chris Lobanzo makes 6 million people laugh on Tiktok, and now gets a Jamie for that

Chris Lobanzo makes 6 million people laugh on Tiktok, and now gets a Jamie for that
Chris Lobanzo makes 6 million people laugh on Tiktok, and now gets a Jamie for that

The Flemish awards season continues. After awards from the Ketnet audience (The gala of the golden K’s), the music industry (the MIAs) and the media sector (the Kastaars!), it was time to celebrate the Flemish online video content creators with the fourth edition of the Jamies . These are named after artist James Ensor and are awarded on the sidelines of the Ostend Film Festival.

The 18 awards, in the shape of thumbs, were distributed among 17 winners at this edition – Average Rob was the only one to win twice. On Tiktok it shows how far apart the results of the prize winners can be: progeria patient Michiel Vandeweert (who won Best Gaming Content) has 822,000 followers there, Elodie Gabias (Best short video) has 164,000, and Gloria Boateng (who won the Good Vibes Jamie won for social impact videos) has 5,000.

Good luck with coma

However, the biggest fish in the pond appears to be Christopher A. Lobanzo, who won in the Comedy category. He has 6.8 million followers on Tiktok. There, Lobanzo mainly makes people laugh with creatively designed sketches in which he plays all the characters himself. His most popular video – in which he plays a patient who is supposed to be in a coma until a doctor catches him adjusting his pillow – has already collected 99 million views. The 26-year-old Mechelaar himself describes his style as “situational humor”. The fact that he does not speak in the videos, but uses English captions, also allows him to appeal to an international audience.

Lobanzo started making videos during the coronavirus pandemic and joined the Streamz program as a mentor last summer I’m going viral, which started looking for online talent. He does not see his future on Tiktok, he indicated last summer in an interview with Flair. “In five years’ time I see myself moving more towards YouTube and – or – the big screen. Tiktok and Instagram are still a lot of fun, but I don’t see myself doing that my whole life.” Pour la petite histoire: last week Lobanzo was also nominated at the Kastaars!, in the Online Personality category. He then lost it to Elisabeth Lucie Baeten, but this time the roles were reversed.

Another prize for ‘Big three’

In addition to the newcomers, the Jamies’ regulars were also present. Youtuber Acid was awarded his sixth statue, as winner in the Best Long Video category. Jonathan Medart won his fourth prize, this time as Best Vlogger. Average Rob brought his total to five with perhaps the two most important Jamies of the evening: his ‘The Day I became an Iron Man’, in which he completed an Iron Man triathlon with his brother Arno The Kid, won Video of the Year , and he was also crowned Maker of the Year by the nominees of this edition.

23,000 votes

With 15 of a total of 52 Jamies awarded, the ‘Big Three’ of Flemish content creators already collected more than a quarter of all Jamies, spread over four editions. Notably absent from the winners again this year were Céline & Michiel. This year, Céline Dept became the first Belgian YouTuber to reach 10 million followers, but has not yet been able to cash in on any of her seven nominations in the past four years.

Who wins an award is decided by the votes of the public and a professional jury of online media experts. More than 23,000 votes were cast this year, the organization reports.

All Jamies winners:

  • Video of the year: Average Rob
  • Maker of the year: Average Rob
  • Good vibes: Gloria Boateng
  • Best vlogger: Jonathan Medart
  • Best comedy: Christopher A. Lobanzo
  • Best explainer: Nws.nws.nws
  • Best long videos: Acid
  • Best short videos: Elodie Gabias
  • Best Video Podcast: Gossip Guy
  • Best gaming content: Michiel Vandeweert
  • Best online video team: Qmusic
  • Best Online Fiction: Knock off
  • Best Online Reality: Gerben & Steffi: life
  • Best commercial collaboration: Bockie De Repper & Accountants van Morgen
  • Best focused content: Maureen Naudts
  • Best use of music: Michael Amani
  • Rising star: Anastasya Chernook
  • Best video skills: The Gaze

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