Xink cancels concert in Lotto Arena: “Album not ready yet”

Xink cancels concert in Lotto Arena: “Album not ready yet”
Xink cancels concert in Lotto Arena: “Album not ready yet”


Xink played at Rock Werchter in 2023. — © Koen Bauters

A show in the Lotto Arena on March 29 was supposed to crown Xink’s comeback. Now the rock band is pulling the plug on the concert. The bassist previously left the band.

It was the comeback of the year in 2023. Pop rock band Xink, which became known in 2003 with its Junior Eurosong song The bond of friendship, reconnected the amplifiers, and immediately sold out the Ancienne Belgique four times over. A new single, Maybedid well in it The check from Studio Brussels, and the band decided to make even more new music.

They wanted to present the resulting album on March 29 in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp. However, a line has now been drawn through that plan. The performance has been cancelled. Ticket holders have already been informed about this by email. They will automatically receive a refund within thirty days. It is not yet clear whether the band is planning a new date at the Lotto Arena.

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“2023 was an overwhelming year in every possible way,” says a message from the band. “We found the drive again to work on new music together, but due to the busy year we only recently started doing that. As a result, we are postponing the album to 2025, and the Lotto Arena will not take place.” The band speaks of “a small calm before the storm of 2025”.

In addition to the four ABs, Xink also played at a whole range of festivals. That took its toll: recently bassist Philip Valkiers, who also has a full-time job as an international consultant in chemistry, left the band. “At the end of November we came to the conclusion with Xink that the differences between me and some group members could no longer be bridged,” he wrote on Instagram. Valkiers also expressed disappointment that the band itself did not communicate about that departure. During the Ketnet Golden K’s Gala, which preceded Valkiers’ post, they had already performed with new bassist Jasper Muliers.

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“There is absolutely no argument between the band members,” manager Simon Lamont said at the time. “Their paths separated because their priorities were different.” Then it was said that the concert would take place in the Lotto Arena. Now management could not be reached for comment.

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