‘The dream factory’ is almost back, and these are the first dreams

‘The dream factory’ is almost back, and these are the first dreams
‘The dream factory’ is almost back, and these are the first dreams

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‘The dream factory’ is officially gone on Saturday, when the program will be on TV again. The program makers received thousands of different dreams. Some of these are already known.

It is Bart Peeters (64) and Gloria Monserez (22) who are the new ones The dream factory, 25 years after the first version. The original ran for seven seasons, with 74 episodes and 216 wishes fulfilled. But this time too, the editors received thousands of dreams, below is a selection of the wishes.

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An aspiring weather woman and sign language everywhere

One of those dreams comes from 10-year-old Nette from Kalmthout. Her great wish is to be able to present it again. Even before the first episode of The Dream Factory begins, that dream will already be fulfilled. Nette will be on duty together with Sabine Lagedoren.

There is also the wish of Otto from Ghent. Or rather: from his mother. 12-year-old Otto was born deaf, but that doesn’t stop him from talking endlessly to every stranger he meets. Only: he doesn’t understand what people answer. His mother dreams out loud of an ideal world in which everyone speaks some sign language. It led to the day of his life.

A real Van Gogh

A story with an extra touch of nostalgia is that of twenty-year-old Elly. The young woman is the granddaughter of Daisy Cools, the woman who created the iconic 30 years ago Dream factory-beertje designed and produced. Her ‘mamie’ has now passed away, so Elly would like to design the new bears in honor of her grandmother.

70-year-old Freddy from Lokeren is an amateur painter and great admirer of Vincent Van Gogh. His house is full of his own works, but he dreams of being able to look at a real Van Gogh from his living room, even if only for a moment.

INFO. ‘The dream factory’, each time in two parts from Saturday February 3 at 7:45 PM and 8:30 PM on VRT1.

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