Are Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson planning to remarry after all? “Charles has given his blessing” | Royalty

Are Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson planning to remarry after all? “Charles has given his blessing” | Royalty
Are Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson planning to remarry after all? “Charles has given his blessing” | Royalty

royaltyThey still live together more than thirty years after their divorce and still enjoy a cup of tea together every day. It’s not too hard to believe that Britain’s Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson would still be happily together. Could the two tie the knot again soon? According to royalty expert Ephraim Hardcastle, King Charles fully supports it.

A source whispered in Hardcastle’s ear that the king has indicated to Andrew and Fergie that he wants to give his blessing for a new marriage. Andrew does not need the king’s permission, as he is no longer one of the six first in line to the throne. But it remains of great importance to the duke, the royalty expert said in ‘Daily Mail’. Charles’ possible blessing now seems to remove all obstacles for Andrew.

The insider told Hardcastle that a second ceremony would likely be more subdued and take place in the small royal chapel of All Saints. The chapel is near the Royal Lodge of Windsor, where the two still live happily together. It was also the location of Princess Beatrice’s wedding in 2020.

Andrew and Fergie tied the knot in 1986. © Getty Images

Andrew and Fergie have long been in doubt about a second marriage. The former couple decided to divorce after a serious slip from Ferguson in 1992. The paparazzi captured how millionaire John Bryan – who the average Flemish person knows better as ‘den John’ of Astrid Coppens – sucked her toes while traveling in Saint Tropez. But several clues suggest that Fergie and Andrew have never actually been apart. For a long time, the former couple was haunted by rumors of a reconciliation. Due to Andrew’s alleged link with the sex scandal of businessman Jeffrey Epstein, these have subsided for a while since 2019. The same rumors are now popping up again.

“A marriage to Sarah would suit him not only privately, but also professionally,” a friend of Andrew recently told the ‘Daily Mail’. “Their breakup was just for appearances, in practice not much would change in their lifestyle if the wedding bells had to start ringing again.”

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