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SHOWBIZZRoxeanne Hazes (31) finds it very painful that she has to testify in a case against her mother, Rachel Hazes (53). The singer said this in court in Amsterdam on Thursday. Roxeanne and two former business partners, Marieke van Beek and Rob Israël, are heard about the period in which they were Rachel’s proxies. “She couldn’t manage it herself, so we did it for her.”

“I find it extremely hurtful that we have to explain what was going on that year. We are talking about a mother who then attempted suicide,” said Roxeanne. The singer is being heard in a case about a power of attorney in the name of her mother in 2016, when things were not going well with the widow of the late André Hazes Sr.

Rachel believes that Roxeanne, Marieke van Beek and Rob Israël did not represent her interests properly during that period. Her daughter contradicts that. “She couldn’t manage it herself, so we did it for her. We did everything in good faith.”

Big costs

On Thursday, it concerns a coaching process that Van Beek completed at the time, which, according to Roxeanne, cost 20,000 euros. Roxeanne stated that this coaching was necessary for Van Beek, because otherwise she would completely collapse. The singer was not shocked by the costs at that time. “Now that I am also in therapy myself, partly due to my mother’s behavior, I can tell you that more costs have already been incurred in my process with my coach than with Marieke at the time,” Roxeanne said in court.

According to her daughter, Rachel herself had the wish to sell her production company Melvin Produkties. “No attempt to sell has been made,” Roxeanne says very firmly. “I would like to make that clear. Only exploratory discussions have been held.” The singer was in favor of the sale. “I see what it does to my mother to be constantly busy with my father.” Mother and daughter are also said to have had discussions about this together. Rachel also previously wanted to respond to a request from her son André Hazes Jr. to sell the production company, Roxeanne said.

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Roxeanne Hazes in the Amsterdam court. © Brunopress

Not up to date

Furthermore, Roxeanne says that she and two of her mother’s former business partners were “never informed until today” that they were no longer agents of Rachel. Royce de Vries, Rachel’s lawyer, cited an example during Roxeanne’s witness examination in which an invoice of approximately 6,700 euros was allegedly paid outside the period in which she, Van Beek and Israel were agents.

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Roxeanne Hazes. © ANP

However, Roxeanne claims that she was never informed of the end of the power of attorney, which would have expired on February 1, 2018. De Vries stated that a conversation took place between the parties on February 9 that year in which the termination of the power of attorney was indeed discussed.

Roxeanne also said that, as far as she can remember, her mother “has always been and remains competent to do things independently.” “She had a bank card and she also bought a car herself. She also had access to the accounting, so she could also view specifications on the invoices,” says Roxeanne.

Hectic time

Roxeanne also mentioned that the period in question was a ‘hectic time’ for her. She had a miscarriage and then became pregnant again. About her mother, Roxeanne said that she ‘has always been a paranoid woman who preferred to keep secrets indoors’. Mother and daughter have had bad contact with each other for years. There is also another case going on between the two parties, which concerns the inheritance of their deceased husband and father, André Hazes Sr.

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