a spread that is too ambitious even for Nina Derwael in Olympic form

a spread that is too ambitious even for Nina Derwael in Olympic form
a spread that is too ambitious even for Nina Derwael in Olympic form

Pieter Dumon focuses on infinity. Today: I’m requesting itthe latest throw from Niels Destadsbader.

Pieter DumonFebruary 1, 202403:00

There was no mistaking it in recent weeks. Niels Destadsbader has finally found a program at his new employer that is completely tailor-made for him. A happy message that he was happy to share with the world. I’m requesting it is the name of the find in question. A format in which five well-known Flemish people can sit in Niels’s chair and – you guessed it – request a song. So not exactly an earth-shattering find. And it may seem a bit strange that it took two years to perfect that idea, but hey, all beginnings are difficult. And why would you make things unnecessarily complicated, when it can be a lot simpler?

In any case, the bar has been set I’m requesting it at an astronomical height. As if Destadsbader has to show with this one program that he deserves every euro of his generous contract. Not that Destadsbader himself is impressed by that. What’s more, he single-handedly pushes the bar a few centimeters higher. “The intention is that both my mother and my most alternative buddy will enjoy watching it,” he told this newspaper about his ambitions with his new program. A spread that is too ambitious even for Nina Derwael in Olympic form.

In an attempt to reach the widest possible audience, Destadsbader opts for a very diverse guest list. For example, in the first episode, Warre Borgmans was allowed to come by, probably to please Destadsbader’s mother. While sexologist Lotte Vanwezemael and MNM voice Kawtar Ehlalouch had to lure Niels’ most alternative buddy to VRT 1. Only that friend will hardly know who Warre Borgmans is, while Niels’ mother and her peers hear the name Kawtar Ehlalouch in Cologne.

This is also reflected in the music in I’m requesting it is reviewed. The guests can each request a number that has a special meaning for them. That could be a childhood memory, like with MNM voice Kawtar Ehlalouch who talked about her hopeless crush on Justin Bieber in the first episode, but it could also be something that cuts deeper. For example, news anchor Fatma Taspinar wanted to hear ‘Exile’, a duet between Taylor Swift and Bon Iver that reminded her of the last trip she made with film journalist Ward Verrijcken, who died in 2020.

The selected songs are covered by a variety of Belgian artists. In that respect, the elephant costume reflects that I’m requesting it The advance certainly paid off. With Jérémie Makiese, Daan, Helmut Lotti, Elsje Helewaut and the duo Noémie Wolfs/Zimmerman, there were quite a few beautiful people on the bill for the first episode. But they also struggled with a lack of flexibility to successfully complete Destadsbader’s spread position. The presenter’s alternative friends might want to hear how Noémie Wolfs fares as Taylor Swift. But when Louis Neefs is next introduced, we fear he will be irrevocably zapped.

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