Russell Brand responds to allegations of sexual misconduct: “It is very painful” | Celebrities

Russell Brand responds to allegations of sexual misconduct: “It is very painful” | Celebrities
Russell Brand responds to allegations of sexual misconduct: “It is very painful” | Celebrities

CELEBRITIESRussell Brand (48) has given an interview for the first time after being accused by several women of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse. The British comedian and actor calls the allegations “very painful” in an interview with Tucker Carlson (54) on YouTube.

“I find it very sad that I am accused of what I consider to be the most terrible crimes. This is very painful and hurtful,” Brand says in the interview. The comedian again denies the stories and claims that all his sexual escapades were consensual. “I am aware that I have put myself in an extremely vulnerable position by being very promiscuous, but this is not the type of behavior I condone.”

In September last year, Brand was the subject of the documentary ‘In Plain Sight’, a joint Channel 4 investigation with ‘The Times’ and ‘The Sunday Times’. The Brit was accused of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse by four different women. The alleged incidents took place between 2006 and 2013, the heyday of Brand’s career that included numerous appearances on TV and in films. After the study was published, more women came forward with similar stories. For example, the actor is said to have attacked female colleagues at the BBC, where Brand was a prominent media face for years.

“He showed his genitals to the entire cast and crew”

A female victim demands compensation. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, previously said that the incident took place on the set of the film ‘Arthur’, in which Brand played the leading role. The Brit played a drinking, philandering heir and the alleged victim was an extra in the romantic comedy. Brand allegedly showed her his genitals unsolicited and in the presence of film set employees. According to the prosecutor, this happened in the famous restaurant Le Cirque in New York.

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‘Russell Brand: In Plain Sight’. © Channel 4

Later that day, Brand followed the woman to the restroom, where he pulled down his pants and forced her to perform oral sex on him, according to the complaint. That allegedly happened while an employee of the producer stood outside to guard the door. The woman is also suing Warner Bros Pictures and other companies involved in the production of the film.

‘Serious psychological damage’

The woman says she has suffered ‘serious psychological damage’. The incident is said to date from 2010 and could still be filed due to a law in New York that temporarily makes it possible to deal with sexual misconduct that has actually already expired.

Brand had not yet responded to the latest allegations, but previously said in a YouTube video that any sexual contact he had was consensual. “This is a litany of extremely blatant and aggressive attacks that are not true,” it said at the time.

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