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The time has finally come. After a make-up line and nail polish collection, the beauty and lifestyle brand Pleasing, founded by singer Harry Styles, is now launching a set of perfumes. It consists of a trio of unique scents with one central theme: sex. Yes, and you can buy them from next week.

From clothing to skin care, nail polish and make-up: you can go to the lifestyle and beauty brand Pleasing. Created in 2021 by world-famous singer Harry Styles. And now his label is taking its chances in perfumery. Next week they’re releasing a trio of new perfumes called Closeness, Rivulets and Bright, Hot. Sound sexy? They are. Literal.

A touch, exciting adventure or meeting a stranger

The three unique Harry Styles fragrances are unisex, vegan, paraben-free and said to smell like sex. Closeness, encased in a black bottle, is described as a fragrance that feels like a kind of “soft brush, touch or whispering ‘yes’”.

Bright, Hot comes in an appropriately bright orange perfume bottle and is said to smell like “an exciting adventure.” The final fragrance, Rivulets, is described as “a wonderful encounter with a stranger”. The price tag? $135, or about 126 euros each, and available for purchase on pleasing.com from November 16.

From left to right perfume ‘Bright, Hot’, ‘Rivulets’ and ‘Closeness’. © Pleasing

This is what fragrance experts say

Do these perfumes really have a sex scent? No, according to fragrance expert Franziska Josteit from Luisa Jo. “It is an excellent piece of marketing,” she says. “The ingredients in the three perfumes have nothing to do with sex. They are, however, ‘skin fragrances’.”

“So they contain a lot of musk and woody notes. Fragrances that linger longer on your skin and give you a feeling of comfort. Very intense at first, but after a while it becomes less. But then again, if someone walks past you, they will smell you. In an interview, Harry Styles said that this is how he wanted his fans to feel closer to him. Musk is an excellent ingredient for this: soft, sweet, comfy and cozy as a cloud. That is what these perfumes are all about.”

Franziska Josteit. © rv

Although scents and perfumes can certainly have a hint of sex in them, says fragrance expert Jorg Hempenius. “Think of Lady Gaga’s Fame perfume with blood and semen in it. And when Gwyneth Paltrow says that a candle (that smells like flowers) smells like her vagina, sales explode anyway. Rammstein also released a perfume called Pussy. It is described as juicy and sensual. Ultimately you smell a fresh grapefruit-citrus scent with a soft musk.”


You can go in many directions with fragrances. Sex equals sweating. For example, add a touch of cumin seeds and you get that same sweaty vibe.

Jorg Hempenius, Fragrance expert

“You can go in many directions with fragrances. Sex equals sweating. For example, add a touch of cumin seeds and you get the same sweaty vibe. The substance cadaverine occurs in urine and semen and can also theoretically be used in perfumes,” he says.

“A good perfumer can therefore create a perfume with a certain atmosphere. Sultry, warm, soft, sweet. If you mention the right names, he can translate them into the right ingredients. You can then add very specific fragrances. Usually as an exciting opening in the scent, which then develops as a scent that you can smell between the sheets for a long time.”

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