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Natan is the favorite fashion house of Queens Máxima and Mathilde. But before they came into contact with the clothes of Edouard Vermeulen, Queen Paola already wore clothes from this Belgian fashion house. Almost her entire wardrobe now consists of Vermeulen designs. It is therefore not surprising that they have a warm bond with each other. She left him a very personal note.

Queen Paola of Belgium was the first royal client of Edouard Vermeulen and his fashion house Natan. A fashion house that we now mainly know from queens Máxima and Mathilde. In 1986, the couturier presented his first collection and Paola, then still a princess, was one of the guests of honor.

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Paola: the style queen of Belgium

During her time as a princess, Paola was also seen as the Grace Kelly of Belgium, and that has everything to do with her style. The Italian grew up in Rome and met Prince Albert in 1958. She brought her Mediterranean charm and sense of fashion to Belgium and it was appreciated in the country. Major French and Italian fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior and Giorgio Armani were eager to dress the princess, but ultimately the princess set her sights on Edouard Vermeulen’s Belgian fashion house, which he took over in 1983.

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“My first royal client was Queen Paola. Shortly afterwards, Queen Silvia of Sweden walked in,” says the designer. The Belgian was not prepared for the arrival of the Swedish queen. He was lying on the beach at the time, but rushed to his drawing room to greet his royal guest.

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paola albert

Queen Paola and King Albert.

A personal message from Paola

When Paola became Queen of Belgium in 1993, the Italian remained loyal to Vermeulen. Almost her entire wardrobe currently consists of clothes from Natan. When you have been visiting each other for decades, it is almost self-evident that a warm bond will develop. And that is also the case. The book Edouard, which was published in honor of Natan’s 40th anniversary, contains a handwritten note from the queen. With a personal congratulations from the Belgian court.

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“I am delighted to have been part of the Natan fashion house from the very beginning. Many years have passed since then, but it is always a pleasure for the eyes to see your collection with all its colors. Congratulations! Many more years of success , Paola.”

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