“Trust VTM to find a woman, but not me to find the way?”: ‘Blind married’ couples on last date | TV


TVAlmost D-day for the ‘Blind Married’ couples: within a few days, Jolien, Brecht, Isabelle, Matthieu, Fleur, Alexander, Emma and Emile have to decide whether they want to stay married or not. But they won’t do that without a last date first.


Nov 10 2023

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The tango, it turns out to be the favorite dance of both Emma and Emile. Emma hopes that a dance lesson will ignite the fire between them in such a way that the doubter in her will be silenced. Then it is time to pack their things and live separately again for three days, so that they can each make their choice. But before they finally close the door of their apartment behind them, Emile first has a surprise in store for his wife.

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In the photo: Alexander & Fleur © VTM

Fleur hoped to keep the peace, but the nerves are still getting to her: “Alexander and I had decided to tackle the last two weeks, just like our first month together, very carefree with a we’ll-see-what. -it’s coming mentality. But once you are in that last week, you start to think unconsciously, and I also saw that with Alexander. We both had a sleepless night because you are busy with that decision moment.” Fortunately, the couple has found the perfect anti-stress activity: they let loose in a Rage Room. Goldband’s “I destroy everything, but not with you” does not apply to Fleur and Alexander. Everything has to be done.

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In the photo: Brecht and Jolien © VTM

Jolien and Brecht go wakeboarding, followed by a Vespa ride and a picnic. “That is the date I proposed to Jolien in the photo book I gave her as a gift at the beginning of our adventure. I thought it would be our first date, but it ended up being our last.” The picnic takes place in the shadow of the Paddenbroek in Gooik: a symbolic place. “This is where it started, because this is where we got married, here is our last date and here is also our decision moment tomorrow. The circle is complete now. That is very strange to realise,” Jolien sounds melancholy.

Blind Married, Season 8, Episode 10 on November 13, 2023 on VTM. In the photo: Isabelle & Mathieu
Blind Married, Season 8, Episode 10 on November 13, 2023 on VTM. In the photo: Isabelle & Mathieu © VTM

Matthieu and Isabelle go glamping in Marche-en-Famenne. Isabelle tries to find her way in the forest, but Matthieu does not trust the matter. “If you can trust VTM to find a woman, you can now also trust me to find the way,” says Matthieu’s wife.

‘Blind Married’, Monday, November 13 at 8:35 PM on VTM and also on VTM GO


“Yes, we are in love,” it sounds for the first time this season in ‘Blind Married’

Brecht sweetens Jolien in ‘Blind Married’: “Cuddling when you wake up, that gives me energy”

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