Manu Van Acker’s lookalike and Robin Pront’s stolen scooter: this was ‘The smartest person in the world’

Manu Van Acker’s lookalike and Robin Pront’s stolen scooter: this was ‘The smartest person in the world’
Manu Van Acker’s lookalike and Robin Pront’s stolen scooter: this was ‘The smartest person in the world’

Thursday evening’s winner:

Newcomer Manu Van Acker makes a good turn and wins his first episode. “I feel like I’m getting a little emotional about it,” he says with tears in his eyes.

The loser:

Jade Mintjens remains at two participations. It was an exciting and fast final, but Robin Pront could cheer for his secure place in the final week.

The newcomer on Monday:

A musical legend from the Netherlands: Erik de Jong alias Spiderfish makes its entrance.

The best quotes:

Manu Van Acker learned Jade Mintjens about ten years ago at boarding school. Erik Van Looy asks where the two went to school. “At the Lemmens Institute,” says the radio maker. “But they shouldn’t take credit because they threw me out.” Van Looy asks why. Van Acker: “I didn’t have enough talent. And now look (shows middle finger), bitches. ”


Robin Pront about his stolen e-scooter. “My scooter was no longer allowed into the supermarket by a new woman at security, so I put the scooter next to that woman and it still got stolen. The thief can be seen on camera images, but unrecognizable because of a mouth mask.” Erik Van Looy: “Maybe the thief is looking now.” To which Pront: “I doubt that, or on a stolen TV.”


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Jury Sven de Leijer and Tine Embrechts — © Play

Or Manu Van Acker ever stolen something? Robin Pront: “Yes, a scooter.” But the radio voice admits to having a “mild form of kleptomania”. “I personally think it is in an acceptable form. I have already seen an interesting ballpoint pen from Play4 here.” Juror Tine Embrechts walks away. “I’m going to see if my box is ready.”


Juror Tine Embrechts is very impressed Robin Pront. “He is anyway the Filiberke among Flemish directors, and I used to always be in love with Filiberke.” Erik Van Looy: “Are you saying that you might develop feelings for Robin?” To which Embrechts: “Actually yes. So I’m a little shy tonight.”

The most beautiful moment:

Manu Van Acker is sometimes confused in Ostend with a certain ‘master Ruben’. “We apparently look quite similar. Even in the supermarket or in the toilet, people say ‘hello Ruben’ to me.” To which the editors of The smartest person in the world looked for a photo of the lookalike in question. Resulting in great hilarity. Also Robin Pront has been addressed incorrectly before: “Someone once called me Lukas Hond (instead of Dhondt, ed) by Girl.”

© Play

Manu Van Acker's lookalike

Manu Van Acker’s lookalike — © Play

The standings:

1. Alex Agnew (8 episodes)

2. Fien Germijns (6 episodes)

3. Maureen Vanherberghen (5 episodes)

4. Robin Pront (4 episodes)

5. Elisabeth Lucie Baeten (3 episodes)

INFO. ‘The smartest person in the world’, from Monday to Thursday at 9.15 pm on Play4. In ‘Team Morning’ at Play Nostalgie you will hear a conversation with the dropout every day between 8 and 9 am.

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