Drag queen Ginger Minj promises a spectacle during ‘Werq The World’: “Not skinny, but successful” | Showbiz

Drag queen Ginger Minj promises a spectacle during ‘Werq The World’: “Not skinny, but successful” | Showbiz
Drag queen Ginger Minj promises a spectacle during ‘Werq The World’: “Not skinny, but successful” | Showbiz

Cologne, Berlin, Vienna… and soon also Antwerp. ‘Werq The World’ – a spectacle in which various queens from ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ make an appearance – will land in the Lotto Arena on Thursday, after passages throughout Europe. “I am absolutely not a dancer, but for this production I do. That alone is a reason to come and see,” winks Ginger Minj during an exclusive chat.

“Oh wow, you’re interviewing me from Belgium? I have been there before, before corona broke out. What wonderful food you have! That’s what I immediately think of: no surprise with a… ahem, robust queen,” laughs Ginger Minj – the stage name of 39-year-old Joshua Eads-Brown – when we speak on Saturday. On time, and – more than an hour before the non-binary drag artist has to go on stage – already fully made up. “During my participation in ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ (Ginger Minj appeared in the regular seventh season, and in All Stars 2 and 6) I was already someone who thought things had to move forward, and that has not changed. Besides, I can’t make myself more beautiful than this. Or there really had to be a lot of filters on our video connection,” he says, laughing. With that humor, Ginger Minj not only managed to charm many fans during their various appearances in ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’, it also did the performer no harm afterwards. For example, he has appeared in series and films, has more than six hundred thousand followers on Instagram and has made his debut as an author with ‘Southern Fried Sass’. “I always hoped I would become a phenomenon,” said Ginger Minj. “And thanks to ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ I managed to do it. I’m grateful for that because it gives me a forum to talk about body positivity. I know I’m not skinny, and I want to show that this is okay. No matter what size or color you are, we don’t have to look the same to be successful.”

“It was very different when I was young,” he continues. “When a gay person came on TV back then, it was usually to make fun of it. And if that person weighed a little more, that was certainly the case. I’m glad that times are slowly changing now, and that you can be who you are. ‘Drag Race’ played an important role in this. A transgender woman winning a TV show? That was impossible ten years ago. And now Kylie Sonique Love did just that in ‘All Stars 6’. Even though I wanted the crown, I’m very happy she got it. I also say that because I won sixty thousand dollars during the challenges hear.”

Extremely good conversationalist

The fact that the performer was asked – after their TV appearances – for ‘Werq The World’ is the icing on the cake. “I have been impressed by this show since the very beginning,” he explains. “This is such an incredibly impressive production, where every queen really towers above herself. I’ve done several tours before, but it’s the first time I’ve been part of this production. One day I was asked if I wanted to talk about ‘Werq The World’, and I immediately said ‘yes’. If there’s one thing I can do extremely well, it’s chatting. (laughs) And then I also get to travel around the world and meet all our wonderful fans. And let me tell you: they are going to be impressed by the show anyway. The production even got me dancing, and it looks believable. What the hell are you guys waiting for? (laughs)”

Tickets for ‘Werq The World’ can be purchased here.


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