Genk girl with pleasure: “I said: ‘just put it in’, after which it became embarrassing”


Well, that was quite an embarrassing moment.

Escort ladies have a rather adventurous profession. No working day is the same. The Dutch courtesan Amber wrote a book about her wildest adventures as a companion. That gave us an idea: what if we follow an escort lady for a week and record her diary?

Last week, in a cozy tavern on Sint-Martinusplein in Genk, we sat opposite Derya with a cappuccino. Derya is of Turkish origin, which makes her ‘secondary profession’ a daring move: “I would like to talk about this, but please keep me anonymous. None of my clients know my true identity. I also never advertise with recognizable photos. If my family finds out, all hell will break loose.”

Derya operates in the ‘higher price range’ as she calls it, but she says it is worth every cent. With her sultry eyes and slender lolita body, we want to believe that.

Anyway. This is what Derya’s working day looked like in detail on Monday, November 6, 2023:

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