Isabelle’s marriage seems doomed in ‘Blind Married’: “It’s a shame that there are comments about Matthieu”

Isabelle’s marriage seems doomed in ‘Blind Married’: “It’s a shame that there are comments about Matthieu”
Isabelle’s marriage seems doomed in ‘Blind Married’: “It’s a shame that there are comments about Matthieu”

Isabelle also reads the reactions to her ‘hubby’ Matthieu. Many viewers agree that the Overijsen resident clings too much to the picture of the perfect woman in his head. Isabelle seems to be less and less satisfied with this for Matthieu. And he can hide that less and less.

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“I think it’s a shame that there are comments about him,” says the Mechelen native. “It is absolutely not the case that Matthieu was short against me 24/7. There were certainly times when I felt him withdrawing, but that was the case with me too. You just see it less. I didn’t experience it as negatively as the viewer. It’s certainly not that I felt rejected all the time. But if I were to see the episodes as a viewer, I might also think: oops. (laughs)

Better beer than wine

Like when Matthieu became irritable because Isabelle organized a wine and cheese evening for his friends. Too much work, it sounded. He prefers the simplicity of a cup of beer and a pack of fries on the table. “To each his own, right,” Isabelle laughs. “I’m less in favor of the idea of ​​a bowl of beer on the table. I then think: I don’t like to be in the kitchen when there are people, so we make some cheese boards in advance and then there is no more work. But he still experiences it as work. That’s different for everyone.” That attitude towards kitchen work did not set off any alarm bells for Isabelle. “There have been plenty of evenings when he was cooking and I could just put my feet under the table. (laughs)

Talk without camera

Isabelle emphasizes that the viewer does not get to see everything. Many moments where there was no camera were important to her. “Matthieu and I agreed at the beginning that we would schedule a weekly chat. We didn’t want to postpone important conversations due to lack of time, making it too late. So I always knew exactly what was going on with him, and vice versa. That was our strength.”

The fact that he lacked adventure was no surprise to Isabelle. “Because my back has been playing tricks on me for a long time, I lost a lot of time discovering that adventurous side of myself. My question for Matthieu was therefore: take me in tow. The worst that can happen is that it wasn’t fun and then we know that. That’s what I always kept telling him.”

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The couple decided together to have the deepest conversations, often away from the cameras. “Because we felt that we could chat more openly and honestly,” Isabelle explains. It is part of the reason why there are many moments of laughter from the Mechelen. “Of course I laugh a lot and am often in a good mood. But it is certainly not the case that I cannot have a serious conversation and laugh away my feelings, or whatever is written (laughs). It was not easy for me to constantly bare my soul in front of all of Flanders watching, so you mainly see nice moments between us.”

Her giggling also hides some discomfort, she admits. “Imagine that you are brushing your teeth and there is a camera behind you with three people. Sorry, I can’t be serious then (laughs). So yeah, you see me often awkwardness laugh away.”

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